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by - July 10, 2009

Recently I read a review of a book called "Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women". The person who reviewed the book was a Christian and called the book conceited and wrote it painted a distorted potray of Islam. I said to myself, there you go - one more book written to insult Islam. I wonder why suddenly there seems to be so much negative attention on Islam? The Danish cartoons, French government banning headcover in schools, Sarkozy's recent comment on hijab and so on.
All I want to tell them is kindly get your facts right! Kindly do not mix culture with religion. Kindly do not label all muslims as terrorists and consider them ardent fans of certain terrorist organizations.
All I want to ask them is what, what would you feel if someone made fun of, humiliated, insulted something that is more than precious for you, right in front of your eyes, in front of the whole world and all you could do is be a silent spectator and pray for it to end!
Thats all... Thats all i want them to know

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  1. I agree with you completely!
    I really dont understand the latest developments in France, or why Sarkozy thinks the burqa is a sign of oppression and doesnt represent "modern France". A country, a nation, is made up by the people that populate it, the PEOPLE represent the POWER. So by saying that he doesn't want conservative Muslim women to cover up, he's basically saying he doesn't wnat them in France. The situation seems all to reminiscent of Hitler's annihilation of the Jews. Thereare no gas chambers and concentration camps yet, but this is how it starts doesnt it? Quietly, carefully, with baby steps.
    And, how can Sarkozy judge the burqa as an oppressive garment? I doubt he is armed with knowledge of the traits of Islam, I doubt he knows that the burqa represents modesty and chastity for a true Muslim. I believe he has o right to shun it from a "modern" society. France may have had a liberal revolution in the 1700s but it still seems to be governed by leaders that are clearly still living in the past, and not yet ready to lead a true democratic France in which every race and culture is accepted.


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