I am finally on track!

by - July 24, 2009

As a kid I loved participating in sports and games. I loved playing basketball and volleyball the most in school. At home, I used to play badminton with my mom, cousin and sisters; and sometimes cricket with my uncle or kids from the neighbourhood. I enjoyed dancing and joined a group at school whenever I got a chance to. I always loved being active (hyper-active you could say) and always having things lined up to do (But at home I was very very lazy, which was another personality of mine I guess).

However, after moving to Dubai my life became sedentary. I worked in the morning and went for evening classes at college. Except for playing badminton with my sister once in a while, I hardly remember any other physical activity during those days. Nevertheless, due to the busy schedule of work and college, I was always on the move and didn't put on weight as such.

Four years later, few months before my wedding I started putting on weight for no apparent reason. I started walking in the evening and I lost some of it. I gained some again and lost some again. But the wedding season really took a toll on me. I came back from India really chubby. Since I had to start job hunting, I was at home most of the time literally doing nothing. I still remember how desperate I was to get a job and how it took a toll on me mentally as well as physically. Meanwhile I joined gym with my husband. He was already a member and went swimming three to four times a week. When we got married, he went less as he wanted to spent more time with me. Finally, he said let us both go swimming. That way we can kill two birds with the same stone.

I loved it - swimming. I didn't know how to swim and my husband taught me. I learnt swimming in less than a month and I exercised well. There were times when I went off the track. But I came back in full swing and did really well. I still remember the toned abs, biceps and triceps I had. Meanwhile, when my membership expired, I got an exercise buddy with whom I went for walks in the morning at a nearby park. Most of my time was spent trying to wake her up. Once she came to the park carrying pillows and told me to walk while she slept in the car! Needless to say, I ditched the plan of going for walks with her.

After two years of marriage, I became pregnant with our first child. Our gyno asked me to take complete rest for the first trimester which I happily did. After the first trimester, I started going for walks as my membership at the gym was over and felt I may not be able to use the gym properly being pregnant and all. I should say that those walks weren't enough. During my pregnancy, I had travelled to India and I put on five kilos!! When I was back, my gyno was so angry at me for putting on so much weight in less than a month!!! Uggh,,, I felt so embarassed in front of her.

Now my son is over fifteen months old and recently we went to Europe for a short vacation. While in Munich I saw many jogging or walking all around the city almost anytime during the day. Seeing them made me feel really guilty about my physical state. I couldn't fit into my old abayas or coats for that matter that I had taken to Europe. I felt sluggish and heavy. I hated the way I ate and hardly exercised. Before flying to Europe, I had stopped taking domestic help at home as I felt household chores would help me in loosing weight. It did, to an extent. But my breaking point was in Munich. Seeing all those people running or jogging. I told myself, as soon as I am back in Dubai I need to start exercising again.

Being recession and all, I felt I shouldn't burden my husband with an expensive health club membership. I decided to walk in the evenings for thirty minutes, atleast four times a week. Few days later I started using the dumbells (which I had bought few months back but never used) and now I do some strength exercise that I learnt during my gym days. I designed a calendar which is on my fridge and reminds me everyday what I have to do. I walk in the morning these days as its much cooler and the streets are not as crowded as in the evenings.

The best thing about all this is that now am really happy about myself. I feel confident and less stressed. Exercise has become an integraly part of my day to day activities. I don't dread going for walks anymore. Infact, I love it so much that I try to find reasons to walk. Since I walk in the mornings, I have a lot of time for myself (as my son would still be sleeping). My husband is happy to see me up and about when he is getting ready for office. Since I have to get up early, I sleep early. That way I get six - eight hours of sleep. I drink plenty of water which helps me in flushing out toxins in my body. One may not see a drastic change in my physical appearance as I haven't lost considerable weight since I started. However, am much happier, much more confident and my self esteem is soaring again. Now I walk tall and my posture is straight and not hunched like before. I am really happy that I am back on track and will try my best not to fall off again :)

I love myself and I love being me
I will make sure that I will never forget being me

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  1. Thats good....i might take a leaf from your book of experiences loafer..!!!

  2. Hey Fellow Dubaian !!!

    Glad I found ur blog....and when I read that lil note on one of ur creations- amma piriyada venoo.. I'm like OMG !!!!!!! U are the very first Mal(ahem)crafter I've ever seen so far..and uve been blogging since 2009????? how on the world did I ever miss such a creative bomb like you !!!!
    All ur creations are absolutely amazing.makes me wanna come right to ur place and steal all of it..(ok, thats the first impulse, but I'm not evil..)I'm not much into papercrafts..but I do a bit of recycling here and there..(thanks to the market crash)..I always thought scrapbooking in Dubai was a major cut throat business only for one class of people...the elite ones..So never really ventured into it. but now I'm seeing all the stuff u've made..I'm gonna trouble you and get some info about the source of ur supplies..
    Wonder how u manage to do all this..blogging, reading..parenting,home making,cooking..and exercising??!!?? I've been alarmingly obese since 2010 and I just cant get enough motivation to get rid of those extra..(xxxxxl)pounds off me :-( So pray tell me wonderwoman, how do you do it?
    Oyi I turned the comment box into an inbox..was looking for a space to vent..glad I found you N. Keep blogging..keep creating..keep inspiring (hard to motivate peeps like me) Blessings to u and ur wonderful family.
    P.S-Piriyada venum.


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