Music - An Inspiration

by - July 02, 2009

Its time I started writing! I created this blog more than a month ago so that I would start penning my thoughts. Every night I lie on my bed thinking of writing down what is on my mind - no matter how trivial those thoughts are. Getting those thoughts written would help me a lot in relieving overworked brain of mine.
Finally am writing. To think that a song inspired me to write, that too a Tamil romantic song - the lyrics of which I don't understand at all. I have heard/read a million times that music transgresses all boundaries of language. Well its true. The moment I hear soft music (sometimes loud and fast ones too) I stop and listen. The next thing I know many memories are rushing by (depending on my mood). Usually soft numbers brings back my school/college days' memories. How tension free my life was then. Well, getting good grades wasn't tension free at all. But compared to what we have to go through as adults, I would happily go back to school if I could. How determined I used to be to reach my goals. I wonder where my determination drained off to.
Coming back to the subject matter - music. Music has always inspired me, as a child as an adult. It inspired me to study better and work harder. I always studied with my stereo on. I couldn't get my Physics theories memorized or a math problem solved without music. It used to drive my neighbours crazy I guess, I remember getting weird looks whenever I peeked out of my window :). All blame goes to A R Rahman hehe. Why did he have to come up with such sweet melodies or foot tapping dance numbers? How could a teenager like me (back then) keep away from such great music??? Finally he wins two Oscars - high time world recognized his talent!
Again coming back to the subject matter - music. I did my bachelors in UAE. UAE a mix of hundreds of nationalities and culture. However, if you put a bunch of kids/adults from different nationalities speaking different languages and switch on the radio, you are bound to see them dancing to the same tune whether they understand the language or not. It inspires us to forget our differences and make this world a better place. Just listen to the song "Pray for me Brother" by A R Rahman.
Music inspires me to move my body and thereby get some exercise. I can't think of going for my evening walks without music to give me company. I have walked or exercised more just because the music got me going.
Music has brought me closer to God. Many a times I have sung in His praise or cried for His mercy through songs.....
Thats quite a lot of stuffs that music has helped me with. I am sure I have forgotten few others.

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