My first 10km road race

by - July 30, 2009

About four days ago I woke up with the idea of participating in Dubai Marathon which happens in January every year. I have never participated in a running race before, let alone a marathon! However, I remembered talking to someone who participated in dubai marathon every year and decided to email him to get more info. Meanwhile I googled a bit to understand what is exactly required to run a marathon. After reading a lot, I felt that marathon would be asking too much from my body right now and I should instead try for the 10km road race which is also a part of dubai marathon.
I received a reply from the veteran of dubai marathon and from his email I realized that I had taken the right decision by opting for a 10km road race. Listening to his advice, I kept googling again looking for online training programmes. As expected there are plenty of websites offering advice on how to train for a 10km rr, and Hal Higdon was the most prominent one and I chose his programme.
However, it required running 1.5miles three times a week. And I tried running. I couldn't run for two minutes continuously, forget 1.5miles!! I was disheartened and disappointed. I knew running wasn't exactly my forte but I hoped after all the walking I have been doing since past two months, I would be able to. So I thought maybe I should come down to 3.5km fun race (again dubai marathon's).
Nevertheless, I kept googling with different searchwords. I wanted something that would help a walker get into the running mode. Finally, thankfully, I came across a website that offered just the kind of programme I was looking for. Its a 21-week programme with only walking and strength training for the first two weeks. During the third week, the trainee is asked to run for 2mins and walk for 2mins and every week the duration of running was increased. Needless to say, I was so happy to find the website. Now am all confident and determined again about participating in a 10km rr. Since I have been walking and strength training regularly for the past few weeks I can just go ahead and start with their week 3 schedule! I am so happy!!!
I have taken the first step. I have to bottle up this motivation and determination for another 19 weeks so that I keep going. One of the things I am going to do is to update my blog every week so that I can see for myself how far I have come with the training. I am going to make it!! Insha Allah!

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