I started running.... and then....

by - August 03, 2009

This week is the third week of my 21weeks' training programme. I am supposed to start running this week - R 1min, W 2mins 10 times. It took me a lot of courage to start running. I wanted to start off on Sunday and so I woke up as usual, had some cereals to tame my growling tummy and put on my sneakers. I went to the empty parking lot where I usually walk.

I walked for five minutes as a part of warming up. But then five minutes' warming up became ten.... I just couldn't muster the courage to start running. You may wonder why. I have no problems in walking in front of people. I hardly care when they are staring at me. But when it comes to running, I start caring. I dont want to, but ....

I went back home all disappointed and sad. I walked for 40 minutes alright, but didnt do any running. Once back home, I did a bit of googling to see whether there were people like me who found it difficult to start running. To my surprise, there are… infact a lot of them... There were different forums where distraught people like me were in search of some motivation to start running. Some of the replies were really encouraging and motivational. I read that we were running (or working out) for our own self, our own health and not for anyone else’s sake. Why do we have to be bothered about what others thought when we know that we are doing the right thing. So I decided I am going to do it the next day.

The next morning I went to the parking lot again and after five minutes of warming up, I mustered all my courage and ran. Oh what a feeling it was! With each minute of running I felt better and better. Within no time I had finished running ten times and I was panting and completely out of breath. I was exhausted and ecstatic all at the same time.

Since its early morning, there aren’t many people on the streets. Few were coming and going but I realized that they were too busy caught up in their own world that they hardly noticed me. I promised myself I would come back again after a day’s rest.

After a day’s rest, I went back to the parking lot again this morning. I couldn’t carry my mp3 player as I had to carry a stopwatch to time my running and walking intervals. As usual, after five minutes’ of warming up I started running. After five rounds I noticed that two guys were standing on their balcony and waving and shouting something at me. I had seen one of them few days earlier. I remembered him yelling at the top of his voice (I could hear him over my loud mp3!!). Only today did I realize that those were aimed at me. Ugghhh!! The moment I saw them, I got self conscious again. I just couldn’t think of running again in front of them. So I took a detour and walked for ten more minutes and came back home.

I don’t know why I let them get to me. Why do they have to make fun of someone who is simply trying to get some exercise! If you want to watch, watch man. Just don’t yell and shout that the whole neigbourhood wakes up! God!!! Sometimes, I really find it hard to understand certain human beings!

I always make sure that I never walk the same route everyday. I had noticed that when I took rounds of the parking lot, men would actually stop and standby till I finished. So I started taking different routes to avoid such psychos. But since I am so self conscious about running, I chose to do it on the parking lot itself as in the early morning there are very few people around.

Anyways, I am not going to let those two idiots get to me again. I usually go for my walks at 5:30 in the morning. Today I was a bit late. I will make sure I go early again so that I can finish my running and be back home before those morons woke up!

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