10... no 11 things I miss about.....HOME

by - December 13, 2009

i am back from my short vacation in India and am awfully homesick,, i just don't know how to get over it,, so let me just write about it, what if it helps??

1. every time i land at calicut airport (nearest airport to home) i take a deep breath and try to take in all the positive energy the fresh air gives me,, i miss the smell of Indian soil, the way earth smells when rain touches it for the first time,,,

2. i miss the green,,, its green everywhere,,, i don't know how to explain what the beauty of green makes me feel.. the view while crossing any bridge in kerala is absolutely breathtaking,, the never ending coconut trees and the backwaters!!!

3. i miss the indian road - i know, weird isnt it?? miss the gutters and potholes and how cows acted as if they owned the roads!

4. i miss the kuchu kuchu vandi,, ok i know the metro is here and all,, but nothing beats a train ride in India ;) sure you get that 'train smell' after just an hour's ride,, but hey a bit of surf excel and comfort would do away with it,,

5. i miss our 'muttam' where my sis' and i used to play with the neigbhouring kids,, i miss the mango tree that we used to climb like monkeys,, i miss the tool shed where we used to play 'restaurant'.. i miss getting all dirty playing 'chorum kaliyum' with coconut shells,,

6. i miss the mango season!! man, the number of mangoes we used to have in a day!!(whats so fun about getting mangoes all year round??)

7. i miss the rain,,how a hot cup of tea and steaming rice with spicy curry (fish mainly) tasted like,,i miss how scary thunder and lightning are during thulamaasam

8. oh yes, i miss the way fishermen delivered fish with their typical 'kooooo' hehe

9. i miss my school where i spent a decade,, do i ve to say more?? i miss my good old friends,,

10. i miss our payangadi palli and friday jumaa prayers,,i miss ramadan back in India,,

11. most of all, i miss ME,, the real ME,, who got lost herself in God only knows what!! ughhh!

so,,, do you miss anything about your native??

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  1. umm...u cud have written it better...drafted it in a better style...sorry abt the negative comments :D

    i miss india too :D

  2. hehe,, umm not in a 'mood' for descriptive writing,,

  3. everyone misses their native country. nice description!

  4. hi

    y u do miss te weird things abt india...hope u love india..bur ur writing hit badly as u put irony a lot...

    sorry to say this...
    talked abt railway,,[u cloud use ac coaches,even first class,and u can avoid surf excel]..between ,i didnt use surf after a indian rail trip ..[strange is, u compare cities wit pazhayangadi].....
    lll be hurtin who love from small village lives

    anyway nice blog..hope u do gud bye

  5. You make me want to visit, Neelu!

  6. Ok, i see the place muttom, so you are from kannur.....wow....nice to meet you!!!

  7. I miss home too, i miss the green, the food, the siesta, the people. home is home and there is no place like it anywhere in the world.


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