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by - May 17, 2011

I have always wanted to redo our second bedroom and turn it into a kids' room. However, the room was filled with so many stuff, I used to go nuts organizing them. After having Aisha (my three month old daughter), I decided, it was time to lose the junk.

It was a tedious process. So many clothes, bags, knick knacks were thrown out. I had saved them hoping I would use them one day. I reminded myself (and my hubby) that if we haven't used them in a year, we don't need them anymore.

The room is not just clean and tidy now, but also airy. It has two windows that lets in a lot of light (and heat during summer) - perfect for a kids' room. We got wall deco stickers of automobiles from Home Centre - Talha is into cars, planes and trains these days. Aisha is too small to understand, so it's ok for her. Then I bought cute curtains from Ikea with pictures of animals.

But what I loved buying the most was these two chairs, which cost just forty five dirhams each at Ikea.

Ain't they just lovely? It reminds me so much of my childhood... We used to have similiar hand made chairs back in India. Infact, every Indian home had them.

The white frame and the colourful strings just lift my spirits whenever I look at them. Talha absolutely loves them. He uses his for anything and everything - eating, drinking, reaching cookie jars ;) He says, 'one is for me and the other for umma (mom)'. And when I ask, what about Aisha? Aisha doesn't need one now ;)

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