My first Card!

by - May 31, 2011

I'am on a roll! haha! I finished a mini album cover AND a card today - all in one day ;). I'am so happy!!! I made this card to participate in Lily Pad Card's Inspirational Challenge. I have watched almost all 'weekend card videos' on Clips-n-Cuts. Vicky makes such adorable cards and she makes it look so easy. I'am just not able to decide which card of her's inspired me to make my very first card.

My 'thank you' is a bit wobbly. teehee

And this for you Tania - for being there for me, for inspiring me and for pulling me up whenever I fall off the wagon. :) I hope you love it too.

Materials used - Cardstock, Prima Jack and Jill Paperpad, Studio 112 Dimensional Stickers, Ribbon, Black Pen, Glue and Paper Cutter.

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  1. OMG! Thanks a ton...I'm touched :)) Its really pretty!! U really have been on a creative trip today-good girl :) Now hand it over.

  2. This is a great first card - we're so honored that you were inspired by Vicky's wonderful videos! Hope you come and play again at Lily Pad Cards!


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