I'am still here!

by - August 22, 2011

I know I do this all the time. It is a habit that I'am just not able to break!

Oh dear blog, believe me when I say that I'am back and I'am going to be good this time. :) I will treat you well by writing atleast one post a week. You don't trust me? :'( If you don't, who will?? haha I know that was cheap even for me :D

OK, getting serious. Hello everyone! A happy Monday to you all. What have you been upto? I left for India for a six-week long vacation in June and came back by late July. I had a great time. Enjoyed lazing around and indulging in tasty food that I didn't prepare! haha

So how's Ramadan treating you? It's been going pretty well for me. Since I came just few days before Ramadan, I was in a great mood to cook. I still am. I tried out many dishes for the first time. Let me list it out for you - chattipathiri (ahem ahem), athishayapathiri (entammmmmo!), ela ada or puykada, piriyada or pallada, chicken samosa (my fav so far), roasted chicken, fish moilee, grilled fish, sangria, pineapple crushed with mint (absolutely divine this one) and... I know there are more, I'am just not able to remember. I'am a big show off - aren't I? hehehe

Tell me what's new with you... Did you learn something new? Did you cook something utterly butterly delicious? Did you handcraft something beautiful??

ermmm, I can't hear anything. Anybody there?? Anybody? .... Nobody?? :(

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