I can finally add SC's blinkie!!

by - September 28, 2011

I can finally add Studio Calico's blinkie!! yaay! Since May (when I started scrapbooking) I've been stalking Studio Calico's blog and gallery. I would almost buy their monthly kit. Then I would tell myself, let's wait. Let's be patient and see what the next month's kit will be like. Let's give ourself some time. Let us add a blinkie AFTER purchasing one of their kits... :)

Finally the day has come. October's Kit Field Guide monthly kit was revealed today. I've been seeing their sneaks springing up on blogs I follow. I had that 'good' feeling. I felt this might be the kit I've been waiting for.

I sat through the live countdown and online chat during the countdown. I said 'hi' to April Foster, Geralyn Sy and other DT members. I felt like a teenager meeting her favourite pop stars. ;)

By afternoon I decided what I was going to buy. It was quite late by then - two Add Ons were already sold out! In a matter of hours! That proves that SC kits are AWESOME, right??


I've ordered for the main kit Field Guide; Perennial and Greenhouse add-on kits. I also ordered for a couple of Mister Huey's Mists and a pack of Countryside Die-Cuts tags. I soooo wanted to buy the Almanac add-on kit and that 'birds on wire' stamp of Meadow Lark. Next time I'am not going to sit and think! If I like something, I will just buy it! (hear hear ;))

Now, I've to sit put and wait. I hope it comes soon...

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  1. Wow! Looks just amazing! Totally fab stuff! :)

  2. I am so jealous of you! I LOVE Studio Calico! They had some on Scrapbook Steals a few weeks back and I totally bought it because of the doily stamps. LOVE!

  3. welcome to the fabulosness of Studio Calico!! :)

  4. Have fun with those fantastic goodies when they arrive! I also look at the kits but have not yet bought one. One day maybe... My sister has bought two and absolutely loved them, best part was that she gave me the leftovers so I got to work with a bit of it!

  5. I covet that birds on a wire stamp too. :)

  6. haha enjoy! my first kit was lawn party and I LOVED it. This one looks great too. Be careful, the stuff does tend to accumulate fast!
    Thanks for checking out my blog by the way :)


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