My lil doll

by - September 15, 2011

Hello!!! It's Thursday already! Another weekend coming up. Wow, time flies!

Alright, coming to my post for today, this is a layout I made as a part of Shimelle's Starting Points for this week. It works like this - Shimelle would post her starting point of her layout on Saturday and the finished page on Sunday. We (readers) can use her starting point as inspiration and make a layout of our own. Then we show our work off on her website. Howzzat??

I decided to give her starting point a try this week. I'am sorry, I forgot to take a picture of MY starting point. :D I used American Crafts' Letterbox Collection for my four squares. Initially I had three photos of Aisha (my seven month old daughter) in mind. However, when I got the photos printed, they were way smaller than I imagined. I tried to work my way around it and added more pattern paper and the result was yuck! Finally, I decided to reprint the photos and have four of them instead of three. Since I had glued my earlier photos already, I had to literally pluck them out which left marks all over my layout. I had some Prima Marketing's pattern paper that I've been saving up (for God only knows what) and I decided to use it. I cut out two different sizes - one for photos and one for journaling.

I also had a difficult time to make those handmade paper flowers look 'flowery'. I got them to stay put after a number of trial and error.

I thought my 'scrapbooking disaster' had ended. But no. I wanted the title to be 'my lil doll', but I didn't have enough 'L' stickers. And to top it, I didn't have two green 'L' stickers. ;( So I went with 'my doll'. Then I wanted the journalling to be in dark green ink and the nib of my pen breaks halfway. Ugh! So I went with black. Well, atleast I finished it somehow without giving up and tearing it into pieces!

Oh, by the way, I did some handstitching (back stitch) to give my squares some border. I don't know, they looked nude, you know, without anything to cover them up. haha, I can be so weird sometimes.

So what do you think? Lemme know your thoughts. :)

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  1. Good for you for persevering so you ended up with such a nice layout! The handmade flowers turned out really well. I love making my own embellishments too because they make a page really unique. And hooray for hand-stitching! It adds such a nice touch to a LO and is one of my favourite things to do. :-)

  2. Love it! It never even crossed my mind to cover up the squares with larger pieces of papers like you did, but I love how it looks. Great job!


  3. hey hi
    your work is great
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  4. Cute! I like being able to dress little girls in dresses. :)


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