Thankful Sundays - Week 2

by - September 18, 2011

Hello Everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I had a good one myself. My sister and I spent Friday evening together watching 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'. The movie was completely shot in Spain (ninety nine percent for sure) and also had ubertalented Farhan Akhtar among the star cast. Do you need anymore convincing?? ;)

While dropping my son at school today, I realized it's Sunday again and it was time for me to write another 'Thankful Sunday' post (yup, I can be a bit 'slow' sometimes). While my son and I were walking towards his class, I felt a certain buzz. The school was crowded with parents who like me were dropping off their kids. There were children running around, Foundation Stage kids crying their heart out not wanting to leave their mommy or daddy, teachers were greeting and welcoming their students... Everything brought back a rush of memories of my own school and my childhood.

Today, I'am grateful that I received a proper education. My mother made sure that my sisters and I attended one of the best schools in our district. She had to go through a lot of hardships for our sake, but she never gave up. And, thanks to her, I can call myself a 'literate and edcuated woman'.

By education, I do not mean 'job oriented courses'. Sometimes I feel that we have lost sight of what proper education is. Most of us tend to believe that we get educated to earn money and thereby earn a livelihood. I beg to differ. I believe that by getting educated we are actually opening up our minds. Yes, we do learn the basic skills that is necessary to survive, but we also acquire a certain 'perspective' on life and things around us. I firmly believe that we shouldn't worry too much about what our children are going to be and what jobs are they going to get when they grow up. Instead, we should try and give them a firm foundation on morality and treating others well. We should try and remind them that education doesn't give us the right to make fun of others who are 'less' educated, but instead it is something that we should pass on...

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