Where do I do the journaling?

by - September 28, 2011

While organizing my travel photos few days back I came across these polaroid photos of Talha. These were taken by the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines. The first two were taken during our flight to Vienna and the third one was taken during our return trip (same vacation) from Munich. It was Talha's first ever holiday. He is such a happy little dude! Masha Allah. :)

The layout wouldn't stay put! So it looks wibbly wobbly in the photo :)
Whenever we come back from a holiday, Talha would be all tanned. He would have apple red cheeks and nose. haha!

Do you see orange mists drops? I made something up using my fabric paints. I've been planning to post a tutorial on that - sheer laziness I tell you. :D

This layout was inspired by Geralyn's. I've entered this layout for her weekly challenge at Studio Calico. The challenge is closed now - better late than never. ;)

So where do I do my journaling? Any ideas??

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  1. How about tucking a little open ended envelope under one of the photos? You could put your journaling on a tag, and make it big enough so that the tab just sticks out under the photo. Add a ribbon or piece of twine to make pulling it out easier. When you are done, just slide it into the envelope. You may have to lift one of your photos to do this, but if you are really happy with the way your layout is now, this would be a minimal disruption to the overall look. Great page!


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