Day 31: Paneer, Marrow and Red Bell Pepper on Toothpick: 31 Days of Simple Recipes

by - October 31, 2011

Since it's the final day of the '31 Days of Simple Recipes' series, I would like to share one more with you...

I had a pack of Paneer (cottage cheese) cubes in my freezer that I've been wanting to cook with. I looked around for recipes and couldn't find anything enticing. So I decided to get creative and come up with something myself.

I've been going crazy over marrow this week. Used them in pizzas, ate them raw! haha.. I'am also a huge fan of bell peppers. Love their crunchy texture. And they are loaded with anti-oxidants - good for healthy skin. I knew that paneer, marrow and bell peppers cook easily and would be great if put together. Now I had to decide whether I should do a basic stir fry sort of thing or should I put them on skewers? I didn't want to do anything fancy and wanted a quick snack with tea. That's when I remembered how my mom makes kebabs on toothpicks. And she used to cook them on stovetop, not in the oven! cool, ha!

So I made a paste with some red chilli powder, chaat masala (a seasoning used in salads and curries), salt, juice of a lime and olive oil. Then I coated paneer cubes, marrow and red pepper chunks with the paste. Got them on toothpicks and left them sitting for a couple of minutes (didn't have the patience, hee). I shallow fried them in olive oil, covered, until brown on both sides.

My advice is to pop them in your mouth as a whole and pull out the toothpick - I absolutely loved the taste of these three together - rather than eating them separately! Oh and when my hubby tasted them, he nodded in appreciation. And said something that sounded like yumm! haha!

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