Eight Months and Two Weeks

by - October 03, 2011

At Eight Months and Two Weeks -

you are as chirpy and noisy as ever
you love your bath time and your yellow rubber duckie (it's your brother's actually ;))
you crawl way faster now and can stand without holding anything for a few seconds
you chew on everything you can get hold of!
pureed pears and avacoda is your favourite food
apple juice is your favourite drink
you have started to eat fish and love it :)
you love shaking your booty to music :D
you wave your hand to say 'tata'
you love going out
you are not as anxious of strangers as you were few weeks back. You don't like strangers picking you up though
you love to hide behind curtains and play peekaboo
Masha Allah :)

Alhamdulillah, you are healthy, happy and growing up REALLY fast!

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