Few Tips and Tricks for your kitchen - Part II: 31 Days of Simple Recipes: Day 18

by - October 18, 2011

I'am sharing few more tips and tricks today. For Part I, please go here.

1. If you have leftover chapatis (Indian flatbreads), do not throw them away. French toast them the next day for breakfast. You could make a savoury version too - just add ground black pepper and salt instead of sugar. :)

2. Cupcakes taste better if stored at room temperature rather than in refrigerator. You can store them out on your counter for 2-3 days without worrying them getting spoilt.  

3. Making samosas can be time consuming. To make the whole process easier, you could make the stuffing one day, store it in your fridge, then make the covering (pastry) the next day. If you, like me, are into freezing samosas (uncooked), make sure you place them on baking paper in your tupperware. You could also make a tight dough for the pastry. I've learnt from experience that samosas made from tight dough usually do not stick to one another when frozen. You could also lightly powder them with flour.

4. When boiling eggs, immerse eggs into boiling water using a wide mouthed spoon. If you just drop the eggs into the water, they would hit on the sides or bottom of the vessel you are boiling them in. I don't have to tell you what happens next, do I? ;)

5. Add yoghurt to wholewheat flour while making chapatis (Indian flatbread). Result - soft chapatis that you just can't stop eating.

Will add more soon :)

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  1. Heeey, tanks for your note on my blog and your symathy ;)

    I get hungry by the good-looking and delicious food I see here!

    Can I be a 'follower' (it is somthing you can add to your blog and get updates).

    I was blushing when you said you wish my blog was in English ;) Thanx girl!

    You keep up the good work too! Cooking like that for your loved ones. Amazing!

  2. I found it. My apologies!

    Nice to follow a blogger at the complete other side of the world! ;)

  3. dropped by say hi Neelu :) thank you for visiting my blog, appreciate it

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