Grape Juice: 31 Days of Simple Recipes: Day 6

by - October 06, 2011

Sorry about yesterday. I'am having a very sore throat and it's making me real cranky. :(

The recipe that I'am about to share today is very very simple. However, it comes in handy when you have unexpected guests drop in.

All you need is some black grapes (more the better), water and sugar. How much sugar depends on how sweet your grapes are and how sweet you want your grape juice to be. Don't worry, you can always add sugar later when you are making the juice/smoothie.

Wash and clean the grapes properly and boil them in water (just enough to cover them) and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan. Simmer until grapes start loosing their colour. I cooked for few minutes longer than shown in the photo below.

Once cooked, wait for the grapes to cool.

You could do FOUR different things after the above step: -
You could go straight ahead and make a smoothie by adding chilled milk or vanilla ice cream;
You could make a plain grape juice (as shown in the photo below);
You could store it in your refrigerator (after cooling) and use it whenever you need. (I wouldn't keep it for longer than ten days though); OR
You could puree them and stash it in your freezer. You can take how much you need whenever you need. :)
This juice is very popular amongst kids and adults alike and will go down in your recipe collection for sure! :)


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