Quick Lamb Curry: 31 Days of Simple Recipes: Day 12

by - October 13, 2011

It's thursday today, which means I'am out of almost every 'important' ingredient - tomatoes, carrots, beans, garlic, fish etc. I did have some lamb and I have never cooked a lamb dish without tomatoes - atleast I don't remember cooking one.

I had no choice but to get creative. So this is what I did. I took my trusty pressure cooker out. Sauted a couple of red onions in vegetable oil for few minutes. Added maybe a tsp of chopped ginger, a green chilli, few curry leaves. Sprinkled some salt, garam masala and ground black pepper. Then I added maybe a tsp or two of red chilli powder. Poured some water in for the powdered spices to cook. Cooked for few minutes. Added the lamb pieces - half a kilo (Indian mutton to be precise).

After a couple of minutes, I put the lid on. Few minutes later, my cooker started whistling. I got busy with Aisha. Though the cooker kept hissing, I completely forgot about it. :D After a few minutes I could smell something 'on the verge of burning'. Suddenly I remembered and rushed into the kitchen. Switched off the cooker and helped her let her steam out (cooker, not Aisha :P) . And voila, I had a beautiful lamb curry in front of me. I know it cannot be called 'curry' since there isn't any gravy in it. But then, I couldn't come up with a name for it either. Maybe I should call it 'lamb with carmalized onion'? Fancy, eh. ;)

I know the photos don't do justice to the dish here. Trust me, the onions were beautifully caramalized and the tender pieces of lamb were heaven!

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  1. you're making me hungry!! :P and oh.. come over to singapore for next year's race!! :))


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