I hope, I pray and I certainly will try

by - November 29, 2011

Couple of days back I was watching watching The Dewarists - the episode showcasing the collaboration between Shubha Mudgal and Swarathma (you can watch the amazing video here). In the episode, Shubhaji was talking about her passion for music and how she was encouraged by her parents especially her mom. Itseems when Shubhaji was doing her BA, her mom said to her, 'hang on, you seem to like music a lot. Why don't you take a year off and see whether this is what you really want to do.' Itseems the offer really stunned Shubhaji and it still does. I was stunned too. I thought vow, what a courageous mom! 

Then later in an episode of Masterchef Australia S3 (yes I watch a lot of TV :P), Michael talked about the effect his late father had on him. And Kate talked about how much her husband had helped her - taking care of their three kids when she was away for the show and asking her not to give up!

I hope when my kids grow up, they have similiar things to say about me and their father. I pray that Jamil (my husband) feels the same way about me as Kate does about her husband. I hope that I can inspire and encourage my husband and kids. I pray that I never lose patience with them. I pray that I will never burden them with my own dreams and ambitions. Ameen

And ofcourse, I will certainly try! To the best of my abilities, yes I will!

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  1. That's a wonderful story. I hope I have that kind of strength as a mom when my kids are that age.


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