I can't sit still!

by - December 21, 2011

No I can't. I've been receiving one goody bag one after the other since the beginning of this week.


First it was the pack from Studio Calico. Brooklyn Flea and Salvaged Add-On arrived along with few other supplies that I had bought from the store.


Then came the parcel from France! I had participated in an International Goody Swap at Monica Wright's i love it all blog. I received all this goodness from Faustine all the way from France! I love that charm. I can't decide whether to use it on my handbag or keychain!!

As if this wasn't enough pampering, I received another pack from none other than Amy Tan. I knew she was sending me goodies in the USPS flat pack. But I never knew I would get SO MUCH stuff! Oh my, I think I'am gonna faint!! haha ;)

Here are some of the layouts I created with all the new stuff. I'am in a good place now and I'am gonna make full use of my mojo. :))

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