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by - December 18, 2011

Dear readers

I received a comment today on my Lamb and Pumpkin Couscous from a fellow food blogger stating that she had tried my recipe, loved it and had actually blogged about it! I felt so happy when I read the comment. I do get good comments on my recipes. However, this was the first time someone had actually tried a recipe and then blogged about it. :))

I also noticed few days back that my blog has twenty five readers. I know twenty five isn't a huge number for most of you out there. ;) For me, it is. When I had started blogging, I remember trying to get followers and asking my friends to have a look at it. I also used Networkedblogs on Facebook back then to get more readers for my blog.

After coming back to blogging after a year's hiatus, I just didn't like the way my blog looked. There were too many widgets and the template just wouldn't let me adjust anything. Finally, I decided to give up on the blog and start a new one. But loosing all those posts also worried me. That's when I came across the import/export feature of blogger. And in few days time I had my new blog.
I kept the design really clean and simple. I told myself not to get carried away with widgets, buttons and all those accessories that later gives my blog a cluttered look. I've been pretty successful so far. ;)

Few months into my new blog, I felt it was time to reward myself (or rather pamper myself) by getting my blog designed by a professional. I love what Becca has done to my blog. I love how it is still simple and clean and yet colourful. Whenever I view my blog it feels like I'am home and that makes me happy.

I also reminded myself that this time, I'am not going to advertise about my blog. I knew that if I worked hard and wrote well, I would get readers. I've felt like having giveaways or competitions on my blog where I would ask particpants to 'follow'. But then I would tell myself that I should never 'force' anyone to follow my blog and should just rely on my posts.
I've been working hard on writing good posts and keeping it simple whether it is about recipes, scrapbooking or random thoughts. And I'am glad that my hardwork is paying off. Slowly but steadily, number of my blog readers is increasing. And I would like to thank all of you for taking time to read my blog, try my recipes and leave encouraging comments. I'am truly grateful to you for having faith in me. :)


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