A New Mom - Layout Tutorial #2

by - January 12, 2012

After reading all your sweet comments and encouragement on my first tutorial, I was in a buzz to do another one. Initially, I wanted to do a video tutorial, but couldn't figure out how to shoot and focus the camera and stuff. I'll get there, I know I will.

For now, let me share another picture tutorial on how the above layout came about. :)

Trying to figure out what papers and embellishments to use.

I had this strip of paper that I had punched some butterflies from (thank you Irene) and thought it would be cool to use it for layering.

Again, trying out different strips of paper and photo placement.

I had to have a couple of doilies here. 

Few butterflies and roses wouldn't hurt. ;)

Time to ink the pages and corner punch my photo.

Thought of misting the doilies to get a shadow effect. It's not visible in the photos though.

Had some yellow twine that I inked to make it pink. ;)

Time to take a break and cut some flowers while enjoying an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Got a small strip of trim while searching for something. Decided to use it.

Time to stick things up.

Adhered the trim using brads. Also used the brad setter to set my roses. Such a cool way to do it isntead of using glue. Clever me! ;))

Trying to adhere the twine with glue dots.

There goes the title - 'a new mom'.

Since I used inks and mists, I thought why not some water colour. ;) Painted red and yellow on the top and bottom corners.

Trying to place the (secret) journaling card. Oh, by the way, I got bugged with the twine and took it off. heee :) I also adhered butterflies in the negative spaces where I had punched.

Something's missing, something's missing. What do I do?

Oh yes, let me do some bubble wrap stamping! I mixed black and white acrylic colours to get grey. Dipped a piece of bubble wrap in it and started stamping.

  Voila! Howzzat for background??


few close-ups

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. But more than that, I hope that I've inspired you to create, play and have fun. :))

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  1. Really interesting to see your creative process. I love the photo. What a beautiful sari!

  2. Wonderful tutorial! I love that picture of yours :)

    P.S. I am also an ardent FRIENDS lover :)

  3. Tutorial steps comes out fine, it is simple and would be easy to follow. Keep it up!

  4. Neelu, very interesting layout with a fresh look .. love how you used butterflies..

  5. thats simply amazing neelu..first time here..love your space..glad to follow you



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