It was a good day today...

by - February 22, 2012

I've been procrastinating about running Dubai Marathon's 10k race for such a long time. The race happens in January every year and I started training in October (or so) last year. I was in a good place - could run 3k without a break - when I slipped and fell on stairs. Yikes! 

It was a nasty fall. I couldn't get up for few seconds and my head was spinning. Aisha (whom I was carrying) started crying. Thankfully she wasn't hurt (I fell in a sit down position), but she got scared by the sudden movement. Doctor said my tail bone was injured and there were no medicines for it. He gave some painkillers, showed some exercises to do and sent me home asking to rest as much as possible. 

I was in such a confused state. I couldn't walk or sit for too long for couple of weeks. I wasn't bothered much about the household chores as my mom was there to help :D, but I just couldn't stop thinking about the 10k. I was really disappointed.... 

Anyhow, it took me a while to recover and by the time I was back to my old state, I had lost all motivation to run or even get out for a walk. I would see my friends posting updates about finishing a 10k race or a marathon or a half marathon and it would leave me sulking. I would push myself to atleast get out and take a walk. But then I would give up after a day or two. 

Finally, I decided that it was time to stop sulking. It was time to take 'the first step out of the front door'. I have been doing well so far - walked continuously for few days and today I ran. My mind was telling me that I wasn't ready to run as yet. But my heart just couldn't stop. haha! Once you get used to running, walking makes you feel 'slow'. hehe. I don't mean to offend any walkers out there. This is just the way I feel. 

I tried walking faster instead of running. Couldn't do it. I told myself, I got to give myself more time. Couldn't do it. I broke into a run. Ran and ran. It felt SOO good. Suddenly I realized how much I had missed running. I thought I would stop when my legs start hurting. But it didn't hurt a bit. Usually, when I start running after a long break, I can only run for 200m, then walk 200m, then run 200m so on and so forth. But today I ran ONE full kilometre without a break. It was like my body was waiting for me to get out and give it some exercise. I wanted to keep running, but decided not to overdo it. 

I'am back home now and my back and legs are hurting. haha! I don't know whether I'am going to fall off the wagon again. But I'am going to keep trying. I know I will get there. Insha Allah. 

Before I go, let me share one more motivational 'running' quote I found on Pinterest. 


Good night, sleep tight... 

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