Ramadan Journal: Day 9: Love

by - July 29, 2012

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.
What are you in love with today? Yesterday (day 9 for me) I went shopping for my Eid outfit. So early? Yes, earlier the better. Or else I won't get it stitched on time. 

Here's a sneak peek to what I 'might' wear. I actually have a saree that I'am more inclined towards and wasn't planning to get a salwar kameez. But when I was walking past this store, one of it's mannequins kept calling me. heehee. So I went in and bought another one which I liked better (shown above). I wanted to take more photos but was feeling a bit odd in front of the shopkeeper. :) 

Another highlight of yesterday was this soup I made (recipe here). Oh my God! This is the best soup ever! And it's so easy! You got to try it! I'am telling you, you would come back wanting to kiss me. haha

I tried to take photos from various angles and this was the best I could get. Do not go by the looks, as it tastes hundred times, no thousand times, better than it looks. 

J and kids devoured like hungry animals. I had two baguettes, half of which I had saved for Suhoor. When I woke up early morning, nothing was left. It seems Talha sat and ate all the bread and soup. So if you find it difficult to make your children eat lentils, then this could be the answer to your prayers. 

I can't believe I'am yakking about soup on my blog. I must say, I've come a long way from a 'don't know anything about cooking' to 'can't talk about anything else except recipes' person. :)

Have a blessed and peaceful day

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  1. Wow nice outfit...show us when it gets stitched and also when you wear it.I am sucker for soups and salads...so will definitely try this one.

  2. thats a good outfit... will check out your recipe soon.. internet was down.. so redaing from p[revious days today:)

  3. The outfit looks good!! You have to post pictures of the completed version!! And I've always been a packaged soup person, got to try this one out!!

  4. Oh wow i love that outfit..it looks gorgeous ..and like all others very curious to see the end result...do post your stitched version :) and after reading so much about this soup i am definitely trying this!!!

  5. Thank you ladies! I love that outfit too and can't wait to get it stitched and give a try ;) Do try the soup!

  6. Hey Nelou, I am so happy that you enjoyed the soup this much :) This is how I feel about it too and what great feeling to know that someone understands it :)
    Very cool of you to post a link, Thank you xx keep coming for more ;)

    1. Pleasure is all mine. I'am always in the lookout for simple and quick recipes that would work for my family as a whole. I've noted couple of your other recipes too. Will let you know when I make them. :)

  7. Really love reading your blog. Simplistic, and lovely. Bet that soup tastes good!!


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