Ramadan Prep and Resolution

by - July 15, 2012

Continuing from my previous post about Ramadan journal, I thought I will share some thoughts and photos about Ramadan preparation that is going on at home. I would love to come back next year and read this post again, Insha Allah. 

just playing around with my camera.. trying to get good shots and failing miserably!
I've been busy cleaning up. Cleaned up my kitchen today along with the second bedroom and my little craft space. I love cleaning. It gives me time to think, breath and come up with ideas. I agree, it's a lot of physical work and takes a lot of time. But it's a good stress buster too. 

I'am a 'list' person.. Even my fridge magnets are lined up in order ;)
Also cleaned up and organized my shop items. Love how everything is neatly displayed now. :)
Also went through my wardrobe and remembered that I've got three pretty sarees waiting to be worn.... 

Trying to be very minimalist... gave away a lot of stuff...

Ramadan is also a good time to start a resolution. Yes, like we try every new year. Ramadan is after all a new start for us Muslims right? A lady recently told me that if we choose to get rid of one bad habit this Ramadan and try our best to keep away from it for thirty days, then chances are that we will get rid of it forever. I would like to give this a try. But I've so many imperfections, it's hard to choose one. heehee..

Right now, I'am thinking of not gossiping. As in, no talk about another person when he/she isn't around. Good or bad. Remember that hadith about back-biting? The one which states that back-biting is equivalent to eating your dead brother's flesh? Yikes! Whenever I hear this hadith or any hadith related to back-biting, it gives me chills. And I tell myself, I won't do it. But then, I do. So, that is something I'am going to try and work on this Ramadan. I know I can do it, Insha Allah. 

Getting back to crafty stuff, I spend a bit on myself. I ordered some flairs from findingnana and they reached so quickly. I'am super impresesed about the quality of the flairs. They look way better in person than online. I've also ordered for this album from Simple Stories along with an additional pack of page protectors. Then, ofcourse, there is the pack of flairs from Pretty Paper Studio. ;)

Now I'am browsing online trying to find free journaling cards and printables. I love these from Miss Tina. I might print some out today and see how it looks. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about Ramadan preparation and resolution Or anything else that's on your mind. Until next time, take care.... stay safe...  

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  1. I absolutely love cleaning and sorting. It's defiantly my way of distressing. And it seems you did a good job with that!!
    I agree, Ramadan is like new year , a new start for us Muslims. I plan to enjoy and take advantage of every minute of this holy month. Ramadan Kareem.

  2. I enjoyed these photos of your tidy spaces, as well as your ideas for getting ready for Ramadan. I usually get ready for Ramadan by stocking my pantry with our favorite Ramadan foods & by making chicken stock (which I did yesterday) for all those soups we'll be eating. Also (starting today) I will gradually add some decorations around the house to give a festive feel, so we all know that is not an ordinary time. Best wishes to you for a lovely Ramadan.

    1. That's a neat idea Holly! I never thought of decorations... :))

  3. so nice to see your organised stuff. I have been following you from crafty in Oman. do you stay in sharjah..so good to see your blog...i will be following your Ramadan Journal..Wishing you a blessed Ramadan.


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