Ramadan Journal: Day 15: Sunset | Malai Laddoos

by - August 04, 2012

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.
Today's prompt was 'Sunset'. I was planning to sneak out after Iftar and get some photos from Mamzar beach. But my Mom dropped in during the day and she was home for Iftar. I didn't want to leave her alone and decided to stay in. After a while I realized that I could take a photo of the moon instead. It was the fifteenth day of Ramadan which means it would be full moon and a total beauty. So I took  this photo with Instagram from my apartment.
Very soon this white beauty will disappear and all of us would be scrambling to get a peek at it and celebrate Eid Al Fitr. yaaay!! :) 

I also have a recipe to share that I came across on Nestle Milkmaid Sweet Moments' Facebook Page.  It's super easy and totally impressed J. He actually thought it was store bought. ha! 

MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk - 1/2 cup (100g)
Paneer, grated - 250g
Yellow food colour - 4-5 drops
Kewra Essence or Rose Water- 2-3 drops
Elaichi - 2, powdered

Mash paneer with the palm of hand till smooth and creamy or blend in a mixie. In a kadai mix the paneer and Milkmaid well and cook on slow fire stirring constantly. I didn't blend in mixie so my laddoos weren't as smooth as their's. Lesson learnt!

Cook till the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides of the kadai, remove from fire and add colour and essence. Mix well and pour this malai in a plate.

Allow the malai to cool. Make laddoos of the malai, sprinkle elaichi powder on each laddoo and serve.

I garnished them with pistachio flakes and saffron. 

I've also linked this recipe to The Halal Foodie's Ramadan Friendly Recipes and Yummy Food's Joy from Fasting to Feasting V.

Have a blessed and peaceful day

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  1. That is a beautiful moon!! I was breath taken by the moon enough to take a picture too, I've posted it on my blog :-) Isn't it wonderful that the same moon captivates people in so many different countries and different time zones!! The wonders of Allah never cease!!!

  2. What a breathtaking picture of the moon....and what a yuumy picture of the malai ladoos.Thanks for sharing.Have a blessed day

  3. the malai laddoos look great.. i had tried anextle kalakkand recipe long back and everybody said it was as good as we get in local markets.. nestle really does have easy and good recipes..
    i cam imagine the taste of those laddoos.. i am sure they were superyummy

  4. laddoos really look like store bought ones, v yummy, thanks for sending it to my event and using the logo Neelu


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