Ramadan Journal: Day 16: What are you reading?

by - August 05, 2012

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.

I've been reading / reciting the Holy Quran. During Ramadan, we try and finish reciting the Holy Quran atleast once. Let me tell you a bit about our holy book. 
  • The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (saw) through angel Jibrael (as). 
  • It took approximately twenty three years for the Holy Quran to be revealed. 
  • It was compiled into a book form after the death of Holy Prophet (saw) by his successors Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra) and Hadrat Umar (ra). 
  • The Holy Quran consists of 114 chapters and is divided into 30 parts. Each day of Ramadan we try to recite one part so that we can finish the whole Quran by end of Ramadan. 
  • You might know this already - language of the Holy Quran is Arabic. Translations are available in many languages. 

And yes, I can read Arabic. :) I've been fortunate to be taught the Arabic language at a young age. But no, I cannot speak Arabic. Confused? Tell me about it. 

Holy Quran provides guidance about any and every issue in life - be it about marriage, family life, parenthood, social relationships or anything else, one can find clear guidelines. People do say that Holy Quran was revealed over 1400 years ago and how can it still be a guide in these changing times. I disagree. Although times have changed, we human beings are still the same. Whether we live in the east or the west, developed or undeveloped countries, whether we belong to upper class or middle class, rich or poor, at the end of the day, we are all looking for peace, happiness and a good life. Aren't we? :)

Let me leave you with some more pictures. 

Made Aleesa for the first time. I will share the recipe after making few more batches. :)
New stock for my store. Sad that I can't use any of them. But happy to see them anyway. ;)
Project Life came home. Weeeeee!! Will tell you more about it later. :)
My sister dropped by to give me some foodie love - chicken puff pastry cups! They were YUMMM!!!
Good night my lovelies

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  1. Hi Neelu,
    I totally agree about today's topic about the Quran ...the teachings that were sent 1400 years ago hold true even today and i find they are so relevant to our day to day issues!!and going on to a completely different topic the Aleesa and those chicken cups look sooo yummm!!! and so do the paper pads and dies:)

  2. It's nice to see another little nugget of information about Islam :-). You're right about the Quran, what amazes me is the extensive details in it, touching just about every part of life. Ideally, we should all teach our kids to understand the Quran as well as read it, though I admit it isn't easy. Can't wait for your Aleesa recipe!!

    1. True that!
      Will post recipe soon.. I'am trying not to make this journal only about food :D

  3. i had seen an aleesa recipe in laksmi nair's book.. but something stopped me from trying it.. dont remember what?? will ahv eto go back and check!!!:)

    1. ayyo Renu! Don't try Laksmi's recipe for Aleesa. She has her own twists in her recipes. Aleesa tastes better the traditional way. I will send you my recipe soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing some more on Islam and The Holy Quran...and I too believe that times change but human beings don't.awaiting the recipe of Aleesa...I may sound ignorant...but have no clue what it is....The crafty stuff looks yummy too.Once I have a better internet connection...will stop by to have a better look at your shop.You are lucky( Inshallah)to have your loved ones around you to pamper you with yummy things as well as love.
    have a blesed day.

    1. Thank you Snehal.
      Aleesa is basically a soup with wheat and meat (chicken or lamb). It's very easy to make and very very healthy too. :)

  5. Neelu, Thank you for the good read about Holy Quran..Haved a blessed day.


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