Ramadan Journal: Day 17: You as in Me :)

by - August 06, 2012

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.
A picture of us taken few months back. :) I love this snap. to. the. core.
It's been crazy busy at home and shop. New stock came in, which meant I had to check whether everything reached safe, do some book keeping, upload products on the website etc etc etc. I'am not going to lie, PPS is a lot of work. It's literally one man (er woman) show. I do have an immensely talented Design Team to help me with challenges and other design related work. But rest everything is done by me. Alone. And ofcourse J helps me with all the heavy lifting. Poor thing, I really do nag him a lot. *wide grin*

But I love it. Too much. PPS is my baby. There are days when I ask myself why I do this to myself. Why can't I just sit and craft instead of running a business. Then there are days when I feel very proud of myself. PPS makes me feel strong, confident and has given me a lot of self esteem which I had lost a while ago. 

I've met a lot of crafty ladies and made some good friends which is a huge bonus. Yes, I've lost couple of friends too. But that's ok. I cannot sit and worry about them anymore. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make amends. Now it's time to move on. It's time to do what is good for me. After all, who will take care of me except for me? ;)

Let me leave you with a quote I found on Shrimp Salad Circus. It describes what I want to say to those who left me without giving me a second chance. 


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  1. Oh i love this Quote!!! it surely echoes what everyone feels but is never able to express!!and its good to know that you have found your Niche in PPS and that it gives you happiness and confidence...and why not i do understand how tough it can be to manage a business and a family life !! so kudos to you for doing it so sucessfully:)

    1. I love that quote too. I've to remind myself to be kind to others too. After all we are all going through our own battles. :)

  2. That is a beautiful, beautiful picture!!!! You must feel blessed, Neelu, to have such a lovely family!!! God bless all of you!!

  3. you should be and i am sure you are proud of PPS.. i know the boost in self esteem u get... sometimes in life people just dont understand u .. if they are not in ur life i think it this way" they dont deserve me". u know yy.. cos " i love me"

    Happy freindship day neelu... had come to ur blog early in teh day but had not seen ur post...
    u posted 2 togethr?

    1. very true Renu! Happy friendship day to you too :)

      Yes, I posted two together. I've been swamped with work and had to do two together. :D

  4. I love that picture too...I think I have seen it earlier on your FB profile.I love the quote you are sharing with us today.I have had similar experience with (thankfully) few friends...I felt completely used ...but then its ok...because I am God fearing and I truly believe that
    People may be unkind,
    You just be kind.
    They may cheat,
    You be honest.
    They may forget good deeds,
    You just do good deeds.
    In the end it'll be
    between God & You,
    not You & Them.

    I am happy to know that You have found happiness in running PPS.and it shows through your brilliant work.
    Kudos to you for managing PPS as well as your family and household.Have a blessed day.

    1. that's a really good poem Snehal! This is what Islam and any religion for that matter teaches us. If all of us think that way then this world would really be a better place to live. :)

      Thank you for wishes buddy. You have a good day too. hugs

  5. That quote is so true sis... I love your pic with kids... they are so cute!!


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