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by - September 28, 2012

When I read about Jamie's idea of a blog hop to ring in her 28th birthday, I was more than happy to join. I had turned 28 myself this year and I felt this was such a cute idea. I haven't done anything outside of PPS in a while and this is just what I needed. 

We have eighteen blogs participating in this hop today. Yes, eighteen! And Jamie is giving a $28* gift voucher to the online retailer of your choice. Isn't she kind?

To win, comment on each of the blogs, then make your way back to Jamie's and comment again to let her know you left some love on them all. You have until 8:00pm EST Sunday, 30 September to comment back there for a chance to win.

You must have reached here from Natt's blog. Whether you are here for the first time or no, a warm welcome from me, Neelu, to my blogosphere. I'am a WAHM of two and this is a creative sanctum where I share my adventures as a mother, crafter, cook, reader and many other things that I try to dabble in. Oh yes, I'am a new Project Lifer too. :))

Now onto my 28 Project... Since the theme is '28', my initial idea was to do a scrapbook page about myself being 28 years old. But then I thought, it's Jamie's birthday and she get to be the birthday girl - not me. haha! So I decided to do a page about my husband, Jamil. We celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary this August and I had been planning to do a page or a mini about him. And this page lists 28 things I love about J. *wink wink*

A closer look at the layering. Do you like it? I sure do. 

loved creating this page. I love how the layering turned out (I'am not very good at it) and my journaling the most. This is the first time I've used my pc to do journaling. I love my handwriting and prefer that over type. But I wanted this page to look as neat as possible. And I've a way of messing things up. 

I must say that having a theme really helped me to write more. I should do this often. :)

Blog Hop Order: 

You have to head back to Jamie's blog and leave a comment there to be eligible for her gift voucher. Go on now. And do come back when you have the time. :))

xx Neelu

*Really, it's a $30 gift voucher but that's not as fun to say as $28 for the 28th blog hop on September 28!!

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  1. Awesome layout Neelu...but i love all the creations of yours....an novel idea of a blog hop....tc...love you

  2. What a gorgeous layout Neelu! I won't let my husband see this else he will also ask me to list 28 things I love about him..ha!

  3. Awesome page!! I love the colors and how your page just draws me in. Congratulations on 7 years of marriage! Btw, your little boy is adorable!! :)

  4. What a wonderful way to honor and document your hubby. I love it! Sounds like an amazing guy!

  5. What a Beautiful LO Neelu...really liked the way you have complied 28 lovely things to say about your hubby... its so adorable!! and yes i loved your Layering too!! this is fab work :)

  6. super cute page - love the layering! :)

  7. I like your layering on the page. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Love the layers of colour and the pop of the red.

    Great hopping

  9. This is such a beautiful layout. What a wonderful gift to give to your husband :)

  10. That layering is so very awesome! Cool layout idea too. Congrats on 7 years! My hubby and I just celebrated 7 years in June.

  11. Hi Neelu, I love this Blog Hop party. I love the layering on your art work. Keep up the great work =D

  12. wow!!! thats so cool having a birthday hop! happy birthday to Jamie!

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  13. I love your page. Awesome layering!!

  14. such a cool page! I love all of the layering you did with the tags. but really, how could you not make a great page with those lovely photos. they have the best smiles!! thanks so much for hoping Neelu!

  15. OHMYGOSH THE PAPERS *faints*


  16. beautiful!!!! love your creations!!!


  17. love that banner on your fabulous LO!

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    i like the post very much keep it up
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