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by - September 01, 2012

As promised in my previous post, I'am back to share some thoughts on Project Life. I know I'am still a baby when it comes Project Life and I do not know much compared to other seasoned Project Lifers. I would still like to share my thoughts now as they are fresh on my mind and I'am pretty sure I would like to come back and read through after few weeks of PL.

If you have never heard about Project Life, then this video is for you. If you are wondering whether to do Project Life or not, I would say take the plunge. Don't over think it. Don't worry too much. Yes, it's not easy. But then what is easy in life? And has anything ever stopped us from achieving anything once we have set our mind on it? 

Whether you have decided to do Project Life or you are still unsure, these blog posts would surely help you take the right decision:

Ali Edwards talks about what worked for her in the year 2011 and what are her plans for 2012

I'am sure there are many other helpful writeups out there that I haven't come across (yet). If you find something informative, please share it with me here. Here are my thoughts on Project Life. For now. :)

What do you need to start? 

I would say some page protectors with different size pockets, patterned papers to turn into journaling spots, alphabet stickers, few stamps, embellishments and ofcourse a binder/album to keep it all safe. I wouldn't say purchasing Becky Higgins Project Life Kit is an absolute must. You could use what you have like many others are doing. The only reason I bought the core kit is because I do not have many scraps (I recently gave most of my stuff away) and I'am very lazy when it comes to these things. So I decided to make everything simple for me so that all I have to concentrate on are my photos and journaling. 

If there is enough space in your craft room or home, make a workstation just for Project Life. This helps in many ways. First and foremost is that Project Life takes quite a lot of space. And if you would like to scrapbook or get crafty every now and then, you would have to move everything PL related from your space and put it all back end of the week. This could be very mojo killing. 

Find a corner or an unused space in your house. For me it is an unused bed (in the picture above). I do not have a table where I could spread out all the PL stuff and I realized that I could use the bed instead. Ofcourse, I've to sit or kneel down to craft, but that's OK. Insha Allah, when we move to a larger house, I will get a craft room for myself. ;) Do check out Marcy Penner's workstation. I'am totally in love with it! 

Get a diary / organizer
Get one of those diaries where you can write what happened daily and store any memorabilia. I found these cute organizers at Paperchase which even has a ziplock bag to hold scraps. I couldn't believe it!! And dates started from June 2012 to July 2013, which meant I got a full year diary mid year! ha!

There are various apps for keeping yourself organized. However, I would still suggest to take the handwritten route especially if you have young children like me. Talha and Aisha are always after my phone and iPad that I hardly get to finish anything on them! So the notebook is an easier option for me. 

Keep your camera with you. Always. 
Once you start with Project Life, you would realize how important it is to take photos on a daily basis. If it's easy for you to use your regular camera, do that. If not, use your phone camera. Download Instagram if you have an Android phone or an iPhone or iPad. Instagram is ever so popular and needs no introduction. You could also use Pixlromatic to get some really cool  effects on your photos using regular PC. 

Create a Pinboard
If you are on Pinterest then having a board just for Project Life will be a huge help. I recently created one for myself and have been pinning anything and everything to do with PL. Whenever I need some inspiration or ideas to keep me going, my board is definitely going to come to my rescue. 

Join Project Life Community
Joining Project Life Community on Big Picture Classes is also a great idea. Sharing ideas, inspirations, getting to chat with other Project Lifers are few of the many perks of joining this ever growing community. 

These are the points that comes to mind now. I will add more as time passes. I'am hoping and praying that I keep up with this without fail. 


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  1. Looking forward to your Project Life.Nice info and tips though

  2. nice blog! I like to try project life but is it time consuming? thank you! :)


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