Project Life | Week 2

by - September 04, 2012

I'am back with my second week of Project Life. And let me say it again - I'am totally totally in love with this project. I'am kicking myself for not starting sooner! Better late than never, right? If you are procrastinating or thinking about joining Project Life - stop thinking and start doing. Like Barney Stinson says, 'You know what time it is? It's do o'clock. Let's ride.

I was under the impression that my second week would be mundane and boring. Except for meeting my new PPS Design Team mates Riri and Jo, there wasn't much to photograph or journal about. But then on Wednesday, J and I realized that Talha's school is opening on the 2nd of September, not 9th! Woah!!! With just one weekend left until 'back to school', we went into a frenzy. We had to make sure his new uniforms were ready, get him new bag, lunchbox etc etc. 

I also started feeling a bit guilty (mom's guilt which has no reason or rhyme) and decided to take my two mignons out for some fun on Thursday. We had a lunch party to attend and after heading back home to get refreshed, we were off again. In this heat, we can't do anything outdoors and have to depend on many shopping malls. And that's what we did. My mom and sister were also with us which made our day extra special. I do not have any photos to show from our mall day out, so I decided to add a photo of Talha's snack box with heart shaped sandwiches that I had packed for him. 

I can't seem to remember anything else from the week as most of the back to school activities really starts from Week 3. So let me share my Week 2 spread...

Left half of this page is from Week 1

Left side:
This week, I kept it really really simple. Like KISS - Keep It Simple Silly simple. Why? Because Time and I are in a battle. Time keeps running away from me and makes fun of me saying I won't finish my to-do list on time. I tell Time that I will. For sure, I will. So I got my photos printed, slipped them into the page protector and wrote a summary of Week 2 events on a journaling card.

Bottom two photos are screen shots from iPad - Talha's cartoon watching history on You Tube and my current obsession of Marcel Khalife's beautiful beautiful song 'Passport'. Do give it a listen. The lyrics and Oud are just heart wrenching!

Right Side: 
I didn't do much of embellishing except on the photo that shows me meeting Riri and Jo. We had a good time. Soup and new friends go well together and it was something I really needed.  I'am looking forward to meeting them again. Insha Allah. 

Other photos show me going crazy and buying cute sets of lunch/snack boxes and carry case for Talha, me preparing a mini sadya for onam and receiving a surprise gift from J. 

A one pocket insert
I happened to go grocery shopping alone this week. Going shopping alone is like a mini-vacation these days. (I have been pinning lunchbox ideas and wanted to get few things for Talha's lunchbox. If you are following me on Instagram, you would have already seen my lunchbox adventures so far). After shopping for groceries, I snuck into Caribou Coffee to get myself a Chicken and Sundried Tomatoes Panini (one of my favourites), only to findout they didn't have those. So I got myself a Green Tea Lemonade Soda and a Roasted Vegetable Panini. While snacking on them, I happened to notice Caribou's napkins. I took quick photos of them using my phone and almost threw it away when I realized that I could use them as Project Life inserts!! And that's what I did! I've a one pocket page that lies in the middle. I like how it looks. And I like the 'Life is short. Stay awake for it' quote! 

Let me leave you for now with happy thoughts and hopes for happy dreams tonight

Edited on 17/09/2012

I made some changes to the right side while working on week 3. Here's how it looks now. :)

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  1. Shopping malls are a boon in the extreme heat or as it is right now in India, extreme monsoons :-). You are really inspiring me to try out Project Life as well, but I'm not sure about the getting-enough-time part :-)

    1. I'am not going to lie, time is an issue and there are good chances of falling behind. But it's still worth a try. Maybe you could try for a week or a month and see?


  2. Glad you are enjoying Project Life. When you have young kids, it's a great way to document the little things they do. Love that you kept your pages simple. Keep going! :)

  3. Hi!! I hope you see this comment right away because I don't have your email address and I'm working on my Scrapstreet article and noticed the layout you sent me is too small. Can you please email me the layout "T&A' sized at 600x600 to please!

  4. I am loving your new projects, what a great way to store beautiful memories! The pictures all look beautiful :D


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