Project Life | Week 3

by - September 18, 2012

Hello! Hello! I'am here. Yes, I know. Hard to believe. haha! Just swamped with work and trying to sneak in some blog time. I had finished my Week 3 pages on time. Never got around to photographing and blogging though. I didn't want to delay it anymore and decided to get on it today. It's a busy day today - new products in store, photographing PL pages and household chores on top of everything! I do have something fun planned for evening Insha Allah. I'am really really looking forward to it. Can't tell you what it is. But you will get to see that in my PL Week 5. Hopefully. haha! 

Getting back to Project Life - Week 3 was filled with 'back to school' memories. Talha is in his second year of Kindergarten - FS2 / KG2 / UKG. While finishing last two weeks' spreads, I had concentrated on getting it finished. This week I wanted to write. Journal. While editing and getting photos ready to be printed, I wrote a sentence or two directly on the photo. I also sat down with journaling cards to fill them with words. 

On the left hand side of the spread you can see plenty of photos from Talha's first day - including his lunchbox and a photo of him after he was back home and zonked on bed. I took a photo of Aisha who was clearly bored without Talha to keep her company. 

Talha drew a sketch of him and me holding lollipops and told me had happy faces. Then he drew a sad face to tell me I'am sad. No idea where he got that from. I was touched nevertheless and decided to slip in to my PL album. At the bottom, you can see him angry at me for not giving him my new phone. He told me Police would catch me, Aisha and his father. haha! I scribbled that down on a journaling card and add L-O-L alpha stickers. Rest of the photos are from the weekend. I love that 'you are a good egg' sticker from October Afternoon. Aisha (or was it Talha?) tried to take it off when I wasn't looking. It wouldn't stick back properly. And I decided to leave it as it is. 

I'am working on the Week 4 spread now. It's been four weeks since I started PL. I'am beyond happy. My children are happy when they see their photos. J doesn't say anything. But his smile is enough to keep me going. 

Oh, one more thing. I decided not to punch corners of photos/papers anymore. Why? It's time consuming. Actually, no, the real reason is that I can never get it right. Never! If you look closely at my photos from previous spreads you would know what I mean. And I always always realize that I need to crop my photo a bit after rounding the corners. Funny or ironic. Hard to decide. 

Before I leave you, let me show you my little set up for taking photos of PL spreads. This way my photos don't have any glare from the plastic page protectors. 

This is a phone photo - hence the poor quality. I've used three white foam boards here to get clear and glare free photos. Hope this gives you some photography inspiration. 

See you soon Insha Allah

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  1. so nice to see your project life pages. Thank you for the last line photography tip..

    1. You are welcome Nima. Thank you for dropping by :)

  2. Love your pages. I think I used that same sticker on a picture of my son :) I hardly ever do rounded corners either anymore, it is a big chore! Your photos really did come out great this week!


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