Project Life - November

by - December 31, 2012

I would like to share few weeks of my November spreads here before 2012 ends. I've come to realize that trying to share every week isn't going to work. So from 2013 onwards, I will try and share my Project Life spreads once every month. That sounds doable. For now. ;)

I wasn't sure whether carrying my photos and craft supplies (not much) to Kerala was a good idea. But, thankfully, it worked! I was about five weeks behind and finished November in less than an hour. Having very few supplies to work with actually worked wonders! The more I have, the more I'am confused.  

I've left a pocket empty to  photo once I'am back. Getting photos printed from here is a huge hassle!

I so wanted to finish December before returning. But with all the things going on and the time it takes to get photos printed here, I will have to wait. I'am thinking of doing a monthly spread for December, instead of weekly. There are loads of photos. LOADS! Eeeps! The thought of it excites me!

I hope my pages inspire you to give this documentation process a try. I love Project Life to bits and can't wait to continue through 2013. Insha Allah

Happy New Year!!
PS. Except for Becky Higgins Products, rest are from Pretty Paper Studio

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  1. I really like your project life too Neelu!..This is such an awesome concept to preserve some good memories..Especially when you have small children :)..Your each page has such a story to tell..!..And I so agree with you that 'having more craft supplies sure does confuse us ..It was better when I had very few..Atleast then I knew exactly what I had to do..And in the process kept being innovative with the things I had :)LOL!

    Wishing you & your family a very "Happy New Year" ..!!

    1. Lolz. Yeah, I used to be more innovative and creative before having loads of supplies to work with. What I do now is try and use as much as possible and then give away what I feel I won't use again. It's hard to let go. But this works well for me. ;)

      Happy New Year to you and family!

  2. I totally love project life ...and your scraps r fun to see them:)... I try to do project life in my own way...but a monthly round up..:) guess weekly for me its little too ambitious..:)..

    my blog :


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