I'am absolutely and completely TWO

by - January 30, 2013

Party invite my friend Donna made for me
Aisha turned Two last week. Yes, two years old. Where does the time go? Seriously. I know you must be tired of moms lamenting on how fast their children are going. I'am not embarrassed to say that I'am one of them. It seemed just yesterday... okay, let's not go there. Let us just fast forward to last week when I threw a birthday party. 

It was nerve wracking. I don't know how other moms do it. I've never thrown a birthday party before. I prefer to keep it quite. I bake a cake, do some sloppy decoration and invite my parents and sisters over. That's all. However this year, I wanted to do something extra. We had just gotten Aisha's ears pierced. And I felt it would be nice to have family over for more than just cake. And also do something crafty now that I'am a full-time crafter and all (yes, I like to think so). 

It was easy for me to decide on a theme. There are many things both Talha and Aisha love. Aisha loves music and dancing. Talha is into Pocoyo, Calliou, Disney, Ben 10 and many many other cartoons and games. But I wanted something that both of them had in common. And that was... Charlie and Lola. Yes, the cute brother-sister cartoon series that just melts your heart.

Another reason for choosing this theme was that I didn't want Talha to feel left out. Since his birthday comes later, I knew he might want to celebrate with Aisha. And I wasn't wrong. Talk about mommy's instincts!

I bake cakes. But I'am not good at decorating. So I went looking for a good baker. After asking couple of ladies, I decided to go with The Sweetest Thing. I have always loved her work and I was happy with my decision. And my happiness just hit the roof when I saw the cake!  You can see why.

Top view of the BEST EVER cake!
Vanilla Ribbon - Remembered to take a photo just after taking a bite
I invited everyone for tea, which meant that there was no need to prepare elaborate meals. I made some chicken samosas, beef kebabs or cutlets and some fruit salad. I had some homemade crackers (khajas) that I brought from India and also some banana chips. I also bought some donuts from Krispy Kreme. I wanted to make couple more items, but Aisha was down with food poisoning the previous day and a sick child means everything comes to a halt. Oh, and I also used Rooh Afza to make pink milk. 


For the table I stuck with two colours - red and white. A combo that never fails. Don't you think? 

Going with the theme, I cut some heart shaped butterflies using my Cameo. Used my new Selphy to print some photos and make a banner. I also used the Dear Lizzy Garland (not in any pictures) and some balloons for decoration. Sadly, balloons didn't last long and did not make their appearance in any photo. 

I also made some party favors - I've never made these before. I got the idea from here. It took me a while to figure it out but I loved how it turned out. I wanted to use some 'thank you' stamps but instead went with my own handwriting. Nothing is better than our own handwriting. Period. 

Being winter it is hard to get good light here. I'am not super happy with my photos but that's okay. It was a memorable day. My family and I had a good time. Kiddos enjoyed and that's all that matters. 

Birthday girl smothered in Donuts
Talha had the 'TWO'

TnA enjoying Pink Milk
Thank you for patiently reading my posts. Somehow they get longer and longer each time. 

See you soon

PS. All supplies used for decor and party favors are from Pretty Paper Studio.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum dear sister,
    Just came to know about your beautiful blog through Umm Salihah's Happy Muslim Mama blog.MashAllah you have a lovely blog. I am so impressed by your paper crafts, mashAllah. Umm Salihah and I work together, alhamdulillah running an online parenting magazine. Will you be interested in sharing your posts through our site inshAllah? Do have a look at our magazine www.aaila.org and let me know inshAllah. You can email me at aailamagazine@gmail.com Thanks :-)

  2. Loved this post of yours Neelu..so heartwarming
    Dr Sonia

  3. I meant to say earlier on FB, very well organized! I loved the table set-up and decor, and especially the invitation. Krissy loves Charlie & Lola too :)

    Last year was the first time we'd given a party for K too, so I know what you mean by nerve-wracking. But it was good fun too, wasn't it? K's birthday is months away, but I'm already thinking themes, food etc. What about you, planning Talha's and Aisha's next already? :D

  4. As usual you are well organised Nielou! fabulous cake!!! It looked like reading a comic book! And the party decorations were good too! Im sure all 4 of you must have had a blast!

  5. Happy birthday aisha. Neilu ur fab! Your kids r blessed

    Great party!

  6. Omg that's brilliant!! I want to have a birthday party like that haha.
    And the cake is WOW!!!!! SO well doneee
    I'm in awe :D

    1. Thank you Sahar. Coming from you, that is a huge compliment! :D


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