Apple Pie Cookies

by - March 04, 2013

I've never made pie. Never ever. I've always been terrified of pies, tarts and the likes. I've been eyeing this recipe of Smitten Kitchen since it went live. But I never had the courage to give it a try. Every time I thought of those pie cookies, I would make up excuses for not baking them. I would simply put if off. 

Then... my birthday happened (yesterday). I was in no mood to cook the usual. And... the movie Ratatouille came on TV. Gusteau's mantra 'anyone can cook' kept ringing in my ears. I decided it was time. To buckle up and give Deb's pie cookies a try. What is the worst that can happen? I will waste flour, sugar and butter. The rest are reusable. I convinced myself that losing some flour and butter was okay. At least I gave a try. 

I printed out the recipe. Read it over a hundred times, as if I didn't before. Followed every instruction to the dot. I could literally hear Deb speaking to me. And after what seemed like few hours of adrenaline rush, my cookie pies were out of the oven.

They were just as Deb had promised. Not too sweet, flaky, buttery heaven! And the aroma of cinnamon sugar. Ya Allah!! 

I'am not re-posting the recipe here as I feel you should visit her website, look at her photos and read through her instructions. Yes, you should. 


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  1. They look awesome!! Pies are tricky, but not as tricky as macarons!!! These little pie cookies have turned out great!

    1. Sorry for the delay Fabi. Yes, they are definitely not as tricky as macarons. In fact they are way easier!

      Thank you for your kind words. :)


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