A Road Trip To Cadiz

by - May 17, 2013

With two history and facts heavy posts, I felt I should tone down my next post a bit. So here is a photo heavy one on our road trip to Cadiz. The reason why we took a road-trip to Cadiz was mainly because I wanted a road trip. Yes!

While in Barcelona, we planned to drive down to Cadaquez, Figueres and Girona. We then changed our minds and decided to drive to Valencia to meet someone really important. We had packed everything and were ready for the long drive ahead. But the rental company had different plans for us. They wouldn’t give us a car without our UAE driver’s license. We had the International Driver’s License with us. That wasn’t enough. Our hearts were broken, mine in particular.

Fast forward, couple of days after we reached Seville, my UAE driver’s license arrived via courier. Thanks to my Mom! Valencia was six hours’ drive from Seville. We couldn't bring ourselves to drive that long. So we picked another city from my list – Cadiz.  

I do not know much about Cadiz and I haven’t done any research either. Not that Cadiz is not worth researching about! I felt that too much information was getting in the way of enjoying a city. What I do know is that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many gorgeous beaches.

We arrived in Cadiz by noon and had lunch from a restaurant near the plaza. Their tapas are more like full dishes than ‘appetizers’. And one better than the other. We particularly loved the Potato Salmon salad and Tomato Mint Soup.

Pardon the poor quality food photos. They were taken in a hurry with my phone.

Potato egg salad with salmon
Smoked salmon stuffed with ceviche and celery sauce

Not able to remember the name now
Very delicious tomato and mint soup with bread chunks
With our tummies full with delicious food we walked or rather strolled looking for the beach I had seen in many Cadiz’s photos online. It was a lovely walk. Both Talha and Aisha were well rested and in a good mood.

We crossed through a park.

Photo taken from Madrid Food Market
Being Sunday, almost every shop were closed and the village was quite. We found a bakery thankfully and had this amazing pudding! It was a tiny square and the only square left. It reminded me of Caramel Custard pudding. I was too busy oohing and aahing that I completely forgot to take any photo. But I found them again in Madrid’s food market. They are called - mini Tocino De Cielo. Another dish I got to try making at home. Yes, it contains a lot of eggs and sugar. But we are going to eat only a tiny square. That would be OK right? Right.

More from our trip to Spain soon.

Drive from Seville to Cadiz was simple and straightforward. There were plenty of signs and it was much like driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It took us less than 1.5 hours each way. 
There is a toll gate that charges 7.5 euros each way.   

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  1. Lovely clicks, once again!! Those pudding squares look yum, do share the recipe once you make them :-)

    1. Thank you Fabi. I will if I come across a good one. Hope you are enjoying your birthday. :) xx

  2. I love road trips. Looks like you had a fabulous one...I know what it's like to take food pics...you want to document them but you want to eat them quickly too...lol

    1. Yes, we did. :) Haha! Yes,,, being a foodie it is hard to decide whether I should take a photo or just start eating! ;)

  3. The empty boats floating in a placid sea - calming and so surreal. Lovely photographs:)

    1. Thank you Ishita. Coming from you that is a huge compliment! :)

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