Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 1: Suhoor / Dawn

by - July 10, 2013

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.

Let me start this year's Ramadan Journal by wishing you and your family a very blessed Ramadan. We have finished Day 1. It wasn't that difficult, was it? I was a bit worried about the summer heat and fifteen hours' of no food and water with two very active children at home. But it wasn't all that bad. Even with a sore throat and cold (talk about bad timing), I survived. Alhamdulillah. It is just our niyya (intention) I guess. When we make up our mind to do something good, Allah ta'ala just helps us out. 

It was a very normal day today. Thanks to the bad throat, I couldn't sleep well last night and I was up and awake by 3am. After nafl prayers, J and I had some food. Normally, whenever I have sore throat, I drink green tea few times a day. I didn't want to give up on the very first day of Ramadan citing cold as a reason. So I made a large pot of green tea for Suhoor. It helped. 

Aisha with her favorite 'thoolala' (trans Charlie and Lola)
Iftar was at my younger sister's house. She is back in Dubai after 5+ years' of higher studies. It was her first Iftar party as a married woman and we had a good time. It was just us - mom, dad, sisters, sisters' husbands and our two mignons. We finished just in time for Taraveeh. 

I made few resolutions this Ramadan. First and foremost, is to eat healthy. Thankfully, J isn't into fried foods. So I'am thinking of salads and soups for Iftar. Being summer our body definitely needs a lot of fluids and I'am making it a point to drink as much water as possible. Moreover, Ramadan is about abstinence. And I would like to keep with the teachings. Of course, an indulgence here and there is fine. After all, us moms do work hard, don't we? 

Next is to never lose patience with my children. Have you seen those images on the web that says something like 'Sorry for what I said when I was hungry'? This is so true in my case. And during Ramadan, especially closer to Iftar, I find it hard to control my temper. I need to work on it. I will work on it. 

Saying prayers on time and finishing Quran recitation with translation are other resolutions that I work on every Ramadan. This year is no different. 

Do you make any resolutions? If yes, I would love to hear them. 

See you soon Insha Allah

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  1. Neelu, Good to read your day 1 Ramdan Journal...Glad to see that you had a really blessed start of the holy month inspite of bad throat...Good going ..i'll be following your Journal...it was really nice to read last year...

    1. Thank you Nima. Good to have you this year too. :) xx

  2. HI Neelu,
    I *love* the idea of the Ramadan journal. In fact, I'm going to use it. And it's not too late because it's still sort of Day 1. I think Forgiveness is a terrific topic to reflect & write about during Ramadan...

    I think we can start with forgiving ourselves. For example, your goal, "Never lose patience with my children" this is sort of an impossible mission (at least for me it is). This is where forgiving ourselves is useful. :-)

    Wishing you & your family a lovely Ramadan! Holly

    1. Very well said Holly! Good to have you on board.

      Ramadan Kareem

  3. I hope you feel better and your sore throat goes away. I make a few resolutions this year I aim to eat healthier and to dedicate more time to reading the Qur'an with tasfeer insha'Allah.

    1. Thank you Aaliyah. Very good resolutions. May Allah ta'ala help us to fulfill our resolutions this Ramadan. Ameen. xx


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