Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 2: Prayer / Forgive

by - July 12, 2013

If you are here for the first time, kindly read this post on Journal your Ramadan to understand this series better. Jazakumullah khair.

Apologies for not posting yesterday. I thought I will get to blogging after putting Aisha to bed and ended up falling asleep with her. Next thing I know it was time for Suhoor. Thankfully I hadn't missed my Isha'a prayers. 

As you all might know, Ramadan is divided into three parts of ten days. There are certain prayers (dua) we say during each of these ten days. For the first ten days, we recite the above prayer. 

Holly, a fellow blogger, shared a comment on my previous post which I pondered on all day yesterday. She said, "I think we can start with forgiving ourselves. For example, your goal, "Never lose patience with my children" this is sort of an impossible mission (at least for me it is). This is where forgiving ourselves is useful."

That doll creeps me out. But she loves it. -_-
We tend to carry a lot of guilt for the things we said or didn't say. For the things we did or didn't do. For how we treated a person in a specific situation or how we didn't treat them. And when it comes to our children, we mothers almost die with guilt (figuratively speaking). Like Holly said, forgiving ourselves for our mistakes or poor decisions we made when we were feeling weak would relieve us from a lot of stress. And asking Allah for forgiveness and mercy through Istighfar helps even more. 

Changing topic, we had a very simple Iftar yesterday. Dates, fruits, fresh juice and lots of water to break Iftar. And then pathiri and chicken curry with green salad for main meal. Finished with my main vice - a cup of strong chai. 

I feel so happy and humbled to see you participating via Instagram and blogs this year. Masha Allah. Having you as support definitely makes this journey easier and fun. Good fun.  

Following are the Bloggers and Instagramers I have come across so far. If you wish to add / remove your name, please let me know by leaving a comment. 

See you soon Insha Allah. 

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