Talha and Aisha's Room

by - July 07, 2013

Two weeks back I shared few photos of Talha and Aisha's room on my personal Facebook profile. The comments and love I received from my friends were beyond expected. Many have asked (are still asking) me where I got various things from. So I thought I will write a detailed blog post listing where I purchased everything from.

Before I get into details, I must tell you that I have no prior experience in Interior Designing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had pinned a lot of ideas on Pinterest. I also went through catalogs of Ikea, Home Centre, Pottery Barn etc. I carried a Smash book around sketching and saving any good ideas I came across. If you find things mismatched, treat is as an amateur's mistake. I'am eager to hear your suggestions if any. 

We had just returned from a holiday and our rent had also increased quite a bit. Which meant, we were on a tight budget. I didn't shop much for new things and used whatever we already had at home. Let me walk you through different parts of the room... makes it easier for me to explain. 

Colour Theme
This room is shared by Talha and Aisha. A boy and a girl (in case you are not familiar with Islamic names). So I went with a gender neutral colour theme. I was also adamant about not going with cartoon characters. I wanted to create something of my own. Give my children something unique rather than Disney and other characters that they see everywhere. 

Reading Nook
Reading nook is something I wanted for our room as well as my kids'. I'am glad my kids got one first. I wanted to give it a fun and whimsical look. The cot is as old as Talha and was something I was ready to sell off (before the idea of a nook came to be). It had two security rails on the sides. I removed them to give it more of a 'sofa/couch' look. Purchased from Home Centre. 

The tree decal is from an online store called SimpleShapes I found on Etsy. I think this must be the most I have spent on anything for this room. It was initially purchased with a wall of our old apartment in mind. But I never got around to sticking it there - thank God for that!

Had I realized birds would come in white, I would have asked for a different colour. I outlined them with a black marker to make it a bit more visible. Many thought the tree was painted by me. Let me tell you, I'am not that talented. 

The little bird's nest is a key holder which we bought from Holland. It comes with a bird on the key ring. We found the bird later and it is sitting pretty in it's house now.

Cushion covers seemed to have grabbed a lot of attention. The rainbow coloured is from Ikea. Couple are handmade and purchased from ARTE - Art and Crafts Market. The rest were sewed by me. I followed this tutorial and had them made in just few hours. It is that easy. Really, it is. 

Tissue paper flowers were bought from Party Land in Garhoud. You get both tissue papers and pre-made flowers there. You can make your own following tutorials found online.

Bed spread, curtains and carpet are from Ikea

I love how a plain mirror can change the look of a room. This mirror was bought from Homes R Us for around eighty dirhams on sale. Hangers are from Ikea (one old, one new). The ceramic painting 'Masha Allah' was bought from ARTE. I had blogged about them a long time ago.  

An odd sized double bed that has been with us for years now. Since the mattress is just few months' old, we just couldn't part with it. So we are keeping it for the time being and will get separate single beds soon. 

Frames are from Ikea (yes, they should make me their brand ambassador by now). I got couple of photos printed in the frame size from a local studio. I have a Canon Selphy CP 900 with which I can print photos up to the size of 4x6". I printed few photos from our recent holiday and glued them on the backing sheet to make them look like a collage.

Red carpet (underneath the chalkboard stand) is from Home Centre, purchased during the mammoth sale they had at Mall of The Emirates. Wall unit is from Ikea. The pirate is Jamil's contribution. I think he got it from Baby Shop. He says it's add to the character of the room. Does it?

Wall Art
Once I was finished with everything - cushions, flowers, photos, mirror, hangers etc - I felt something was missing. Wall opposite to the bed looked bare and I racked my brains wondering what to do.  

While browsing through Pinterest, it suddenly strikes me that I could put up some quotes. I started collecting quotes specifically for children. I had few frames from Ikea in stock and took out my Selphy again. I used 3M Command hanging glue strips to glue down the frames. No nails. No hammer. No drilling machine. Easy peasy. I got them from ACE. Oh, and they don't damage your walls either. 

We wanted to get Talha a table for his school books and homework. Unfortunately, Ikea has ran out of the one we had our eyes on. We will be visiting them once it comes back in stock. Right now Talha is home for summer holidays and we are not in a hurry. 

In case you are wondering where all the toys are, they are in baskets tucked away in the closet. We take them out while playing and put them back once we are done. 

This room was complete within a month of moving. I'am beyond happy about the way it turned out. It is a very cozy room and I love spending time with my children there. I must add that having their own space for everything has made my children way more organized than before. Alhamdulillah. 

Hope this post inspires you in some way. If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

See you soon with Journal Your Ramadan!!

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  1. lovely post neelu.. i love the colours you have used... very colourful...and thanks for this post stating where u bought each thing from.. :).. thank u ..

  2. A very informative post ! Been searching for good quality glue strips for some canvasses and glad that you featured them.

  3. Thanks Neelu for the detailed post..I saw much wanted to know abt the cushion covers. ..would want to try that out.Thanks a lot

    1. You are welcome. And thank you! Let me know if you make those cushion covers. :) xx

  4. absolutely darling room, love that it is a unique, loving space for your children!

  5. The room is lovely Newly! We love ikeea too and got ourkids the iIKEA lockers for their clothes.

  6. wow hats off to you...looks so beautiful - u r a perfect mom......Im sure your kids are absolutely in luv with their new room....
    tell me one thing the frames and the quotes? how did u manage to get it...yeah Frames from Ikea - what about the quotes, print out? or you drew it?

    1. Thank you. I'am far from a perfect mom. :)

      I have mentioned that I got the quotes from Pinterest and printed them using Selphy.

      Hope that helps

  7. This bedroom is definitely Pinterest-worthy! Great job!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the tiny details! Today I got to know about the damage free wall hanger! I mean I have nothing up on the wall because I had no nails, cant drill and never thought the sticker hanger would bear any of my frame weight! but this is amazing, I hope I find them here!


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