I switched OFF.

by - October 25, 2013

And now I'am back ON. Hopefully.

I needed a break. From social media. From spending way too many hours in front of the pc or the phone. My children did too. So after a hectic Ramadan, I turned off my internet connection and wi-fi. I switched on only for PPS work and turned everything back off when my work was done. 

Did that help? Yes. Very much. It was also very tyring. It is not easy to keep two kids active and happy during the summer here. All three of us were cooped up inside and were wondering how to spend the next hour without getting on top of each other. Which meant we had to get creative. 

And that we did. We painted. We read stories. We built houses. We crafted. We cooked. We cleaned. We built forts. We went to the park - yes, during the summer. There were a lot of tantrums and struggles in between. But we got through it all and had a blast as a family. 

I also read seven books in September. SEVEN! I hadn't even touched a book in 2013!

I had lot of plans for my blog after Ramadan. There was a list of recipes I wanted to cook and photograph. I wanted to finish my Ramadan Journal and share it over here. But, I was overwhelmed with the workload and realized that I couldn't have it all. Letting go is so hard. Yet so worth it. 

Now that school is back on (well school opened mid-September), PPS's new stock is sorted and things are getting back to normal, I'am hoping to be more active on the blogosphere and continue writing. I miss writing, crafting and photography a lot. I really need to stop neglecting my hobbies as they are definitely affecting my moods and productivity. Hopefully, I will have some posts to share soon. Insha Allah. 

See ya!

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  1. Welcome back, Neelu!! I was wondering about the absence of blog posts :-). You switched off the internet? Kudos!! I wonder if I could survive one internet-free day!! Looking forward to interesting stuff on the blog :-)

    1. Thank you Fabi!! Give it a try and see. Social Media Detox is good for your body and soul. ;)

  2. I want to disconnect like that sometime. Sounds amazing. Which was your favorite book?

    1. Sorry for the delay. I loved Glass Palace and Time Traveler's Wife. :)


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