Ostia Antica

by - November 07, 2013


We were in Italy for a glorious two weeks' holiday. We walked and walked till we couldn't anymore. We ate gelatos and pizzas like no tomorrow. We took thousands of photos as it was our first trip with a digital SLR. We absorbed everything we could about the places we visited. 

I told myself that I would blog every bit about our trip. I loved Italy so much! I would note down anything and everything in a journal - mind you, there definitely was information overload. I kept every memorabilia safe. But then, when we arrived back in Dubai, we walked right into a serious family issue and blogging took a back seat. 


I was going through my archives couple of days back and came across these photos I had taken from Ostia Antica. As I flipped through them, I remembered my decision to blog and how even after three plus years, this post was still in drafts. I guess what they say is true - "there is a right time for everything". 

No more delay. Let us get straight into it! 

Ostia Antica is an ancient city of Rome. We were there for half a day. I do not remember why we chose to see this place. I do remember that Ostia means 'mouth of a river' as it is situated on the banks of River Tiber. 

The ride from Termini in Rome to Ostia Antica took about thirty to forty five minutes, after which we had to cross a pedona (pedestrian bridge) which took us to the entrance of Ostia. 

I love visiting ancient ruins like these. They tell us stories of those who lived long before us. What they did for a living, how they slept or cooked or spent their free time. It reminds me that no matter what age we live in, we are all the same. We just want to lead a happy and peaceful life. 

See you soon Insha Allah

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  1. Beautiful pics!! I love visiting old places too - old palaces, museums, art galleries with old paintings. Those would make up an ideal trip for me!


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