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I think I'am failing miserably at this blogging business. I think about it every day. I sit in front of my laptop almost every day trying to write. Trying to match words with my thoughts. But I fail. Most often, it is sheer laziness to use my (overworked) brain. Other times, I'am ashamed and embarrassed. Who would read such an ill maintained blog? No, really. 

But then this weekend, at a family gathering, three different people mentioned my blog and one of them asked me why I haven't been writing. I turned pink. It was heart warming to know that there were people who still loved my blog (there are millions of blogs to read after all). So I made a mental note to get a post published this week. 

There are a lot of things I want to write about. Way too many posts in drafts. But today, I would like to talk a bit about being clutter free. You see, although I come across as an organized person (I keep getting that compliment for some reason), I really am not that organized. I do make lists. Most often I keep with it. But then I fall off the wagon. Which is okay. After all, none of us are perfect. But there is a lot of mental clutter that I have to keep dealing with. And these make me distracted and stressed. 

Have you noticed how distracted we are these days? There are way too many interruptions in our lives. And most of them are caused by ourselves. We wake up and the first thing we do is check our phone. What did we miss in the last six hours? Then while making breakfast we hear the phone ping and wonder who is it on WhatsApp. What was the email about? And then we start worrying whether we should reply right away. What if the other person felt bad? We are more worried about people who are miles away from us than those who are with us right there. I'am not judging those who use their phone or social media. I'am just saying how distracted our lives, my life has become. 

And so this year, I told myself that it is time to get organized. Both physically and mentally. I have to spent my time more efficiently. It is time I learnt to say no to things. This thought didn't come to me suddenly. I have been working on it for a while. But then again I would forget my decisions and fall back into being a distracted mess.

Reading Ali's post on going hands free was a good inspiration. I'am always in awe at women who could be a mom, an entrepreneur, a blogger and various other things and be able to keep it all together. And reading Ali's post made me realize that we all struggle at maintaining balance. That calmed me down. A little. 

We celebrated the arrival of New Year in India (if cutting a cake in your kitchen could be called celebration) and since we arrived, I have been decluttering and organizing. Every few months, I remove myself from the various Facebook groups I'am a member of. Now it is WhatsApp. I love these groups and how easy it is to connect with like minded people. But that said, it is also very time consuming. And time is what seem to be very limited these days. 

I follow Apartment Therapy quite religiously and their 'January Cure' has helped me keep myself on track. I have finished most of the items on their list. I have also made a daily schedule on Excel. I know it sounds too nerdy. But seeing my day planned out has actually put my mind at ease. I have also been able to find pockets of time here and there. We do have 24 hours after all! 

I'am also getting accustomed to the art of saying 'no'. Not trying to be selfish or unkind. But saying yes to everything hardly works in my favor and it is time, like I said before, to use my time efficiently. 

Chiklihole in Coorg
Coming to my blog, following are some of the topics I want to write about. Maybe listing them here will make me accountable? 

Pomegranates and Roses Cookbook review (been in drafts since June 2013. Woops!)
What we ate in Spain (been in drafts since May 2013??)
Coorg and Mysore Trip Report
Ramadan Journal 
Talha's FS1 Project Life Album

Hopefully, I will read this post at the end of 2014 and pat myself on my back rather than laugh at how ambitious I sounded twelve months earlier! 

Catch up soon!

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  1. Good to see you back!! Yes, I agree, the distractions are sometimes overwhelming and I seem to always be thinking of something other than what I'm currently doing. That's why my word of the year is 'Mindfulness'. I track my weekly to dos on an excel sheet too :). Looking forward to all the food posts!!

    1. That is a really good word Fabi!

      Btw, do you follow Ali Edwards? She does this thing called 'One Little Word' every year. I think you will like it. Do have a look. :)

      And thank you..

  2. hi neelu..after along time... i totally enjoyed this post... i am also in eh decluttering mode these days!! and ur article is very good.. made me feel good.. makes me want to check apartment therapy.. will do that....
    hope to see ur posts soon.. i have noo time for blogging now as shanaya has started taking a few steps and i am always with her...
    may be later.. blog can wait...:)
    i wud like to meet u smday.. may be later..:)

    1. Guess we are all on a 'spring break' mode. :) Thank you for your kind words.

      Kisses to Shanaya

  3. I don't know why..
    I had this sudden urge to check your blog in mid of my morning nap. And tada! You have a post just for me!!

    Thank you sista!

    I'm on the way decluttering myself too. Thanks for inspirations again.

  4. Looking forward to your blog posts. Easpecially Talha's..

    1. You are welcome Sista! ;) Thank you for making my day!


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