You are Three

by - January 24, 2014

Aisha, you turned three yesterday.  You are growing up into a confident young girl.  I love how free spirited and fearless you are. I wish I had half the confidence that you have at this age. No kidding. 

We were planning to send you to playschool once we returned from our break in India. I do think of it every now and then. You love singing and dancing. And you enjoy being with children of your age. But then I get selfish. Lately, we have been enjoying each other's company a lot and I do not want to miss our moments together. After all, you will be starting school in September this year, Insha Allah. Letting you go will be very hard on this mom. 

These are some of the things you love: 
Books. You wont go anywhere without one. And you wont sleep without cuddling one. 
Music. You love music and the moment a song is on, you start singing. You may not know the words, but you enjoy every bit. 
Dance. We have no idea from where you learnt to walk on your toes like a little ballerina. You swish and wave your arms like a contemporary dancer. Fills us with joy. Sigh! 
Peppa pig. You absolutely adore Peppa.
Food. if there is one toddler who isn't scared of trying new food, it's you. Masha Allah times infinity for that. 

These are the things, I think, you don't like:
You do not like anyone coming near your hair. Whether it is a haircut or a hair wash, you do not like anyone coming near your hair. And you have no qualms in expressing your dislike for both. 
Whistle of a pressure cooker. Pretty much nothing scares you. But whistle of a pressure cooker does.  

It's an honor to be your Mom. Your random hugs and kisses with 'I lovieee Umma' whispers breaks my heart. Very soon you will be all grown up and ready to leave your nest. But for now, I just want to enjoy you and your beautiful soul. 


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