Dreams Do Come True

by - March 03, 2014

This year, I wanted something different for my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the latest gadget or a date night with J would be lovely. But I wanted something more tangible. Something I could look at after years has passed by. Something that would remind me of all the simple joys in life. Something that would be a (much needed) treat for myself, for all the hard work and slogging these past few years.  

I met Nicky by chance at a momrepreneurs’ networking event over a year ago. I was following her via her Facebook page and I loved meeting her in person. We talked a lot about photography and I would like to believe that we clicked immediately. 

I love how she doesn't use gimmicks. Her photos, especially outdoor ones, have a lot of natural light and bright colours. They look happy without being forced. It was an easy decision for me. 

So one Friday morning in February, the four of us got all dressed up and met Nicky at a local park at about 845 am. 

Though I have met Nicky before, this was the first time I saw her in action. She was ready the moment we met her at the park and knew that place inside out. All she carried were her camera and a super cool lens. No accessories. She took full advantage of the gorgeous morning light. 

I was a bit apprehensive about how J and children would be. But they took me totally by surprise as they were in their element. Nicky was so impressed by J’s daddy skills that it made me burst with sheer joy. Masha Allah. 

The experience and photos reminded me that Dreams Do Come True. And that is what I will be calling the completed album. 

PS. How do you like the new name and URL? Do let me know. 

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  1. this is the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT anyone could ever ask!! i bet Talha and Aisha would have ALL SMILES on their faces to see this gorgeous moments captured when they are grown up :) the pictures <3 woah! such a bliss to look at them! Masha allah! kudos to everyone behind this :) Very happy birthday :)

  2. A very wise decision regarding your birthday gift - these photos are priceless!! The photographer is immensely talented! And the blog's new avatar is looking good - all the best!

  3. Have loved seeing all these pics! They are so gorgeous they go beyond being keepsakes, and I'm sure they will be treasured heirlooms that your future generations will also cherish. God bless!

  4. Neelu, i'm sure it is going to be a valuable treasure...I love all the pictures that you posted on FB...so good to see you in lovely purple...you look gorgeous my dear...and with your loved ones..they have put their good effort to make the photoshoot awesome..and Nicky's photography is amazing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Nima. :)


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