Ramadan Manifesto

by - May 13, 2014

Have you started planning for Ramadan? I've been thinking about it every now and then. I'am also noticing that Ramadan related searches are leading people to my blog, which makes me happy and nervous at the same time. 

I'am not sure whether I want to continue with daily Ramadan Journal blog posts this year. Although I enjoyed looking at Ramadan in a new way and connecting with fellow Muslims around the world the past two years (2013 and 2012), I must say that being on Social Media can be very time consuming, especially during a month like Ramadan when you want to devote most of your time in ibaadah and achieving your spiritual goals. I'am thinking about sticking with the daily photography prompts on Instagram, but switching to weekly blogging. Maybe I will change my mind later. 

There are few things I would like to do before and during Ramadan. Firstly, I would  really like to start Ramadan with a clear state of mind. There are some knots that I need to loosen, some old grudges that I have to let go of. In sha Allah. 

Secondly, I would love to memorize the 99 names of Allah. I had tried to finish memorizing them last year before Ramadan, but I lost steam after few days. I absolutely love this 99 Names of Allah Tree by Karima's Crafts and I'am planning to do it with Talha and Aisha. In sha Allah. 

Thirdly, I would like to continue with the goal of finishing Holy Quran recitation with English translation at least once this Ramadan. In sha Allah. 

Fourthly, I would like to start teaching Talha Salat. Since Ramadan coincides with school holidays, he is going to be home full time and hopefully we will be able to get it done. In sha Allah. 

Fifthly, learn more Duas and revise the ones I have forgotten. In sha Allah. 

Lastly, I would like to concentrate less on food and more on the actual meaning of Ramadan. There are way too many food photos in my previous Ramadan Journals and I need to make a conscious effort to photograph and write about things other than food. 

Those are my six resolutions for this Ramadan. What about you, what are your plans for Ramadan?

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  1. Hey sister :) shahana here!! i would love to accompany you in this ramadan journey in sha allah! :)
    my goals would be
    1.Recite more of quran, and improvise my knowledge on duas..learn more about them
    2.Forgive and forget, forgive those who have hurt me or caused me pain, and forget all the bad things around me and focus on the good.
    3. practice patience...try not to hurt others knowingly or unknowingly with my mere actions or words.
    4.Ramadan was also a time for me to experiment more of food for iftar..reduce it and focuse in my spiritual goals :)
    5.Will do my prayers regularly. not just when i feel like.
    6.Help others more often.be it big or small ..
    7.Acheive my goals.
    Please include monthly photo regarding ramadan in instagram. would be great! :)

    1. That is a really good list Shahana. May we get to achieve them all in the best possible way. Ameen. :)

  2. I won't be fasting this year with baby R but will try my best to

    1. Finish recitation of quran
    2. Learn as much as i can of Surah Kahf
    3.Teach J some surahs
    4. Keep my cool!!!
    5. Engage in meaningful prayer

    In Sha Allah


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