Ramadan Journal 2014

by - June 25, 2014

Can you believe that Ramadan is almost here? We are blessed beyond measure to experience one more Ramadan, aren't we? Alhamdulillah.

I've been receiving messages about Ramadan Journal 2014 and I am happy to know that there are few out there who love the series. I am wondering whether we should continue with the same thing this year though. Why don’t we change things a bit? Let's do something that truly reflects the spirit of Ramadan. 

Yes, we will still keep a journal but without a list of prompts AND achieve these small but big goals this year. 

We will, In sha Allah:
1. Finish recitation of the Holy Quran with translation at least once;
2. Learn a short chapter (or few verses of a long chapter) from the Holy Quran;
3. Say Tahajjud prayers at least ten times; 
4. Learn three new prayers (duas);
5. Read an Islamic book with our children;
6. Donate food or clothes with our children watching;
7. Help a random stranger;
8. Tell a non-Muslim friend about Ramadan;
9. Write down one thing we are grateful for, in our journal, every day. 

We will not, In sha Allah:
10. Skip Sehari or binge eat during Iftar
11. Whine and complain about the heat and long hours this year (remember we enjoyed shorter Ramadan during winter);
12. Waste food; 
13. Hurt anyone with our words or actions.

In sha Allah, I will report back after Eid on how far I reached with the list of goals and how did my Ramadan go. If I share anything on my Instagram or Twitter, I will hashtag it with #ramadanjournal and would love to see your photos/posts too. Please do not get glued to your phone because of me - which is one of the reasons why I decided to skip the list of prompts. 

Whatsay? Let's do this together? 

PS. You can edit the list according to your likes/dislikes/circumstances etc. Make it your own, mine is only for inspiration. 

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  1. MashaAllah, beautiful post with nice To-Do's & To not to-do's. InshaAllah it will be great & we will not be feeling any hardship during the fast.
    All the best :)

  2. Realistic to do list . Allahumma baarik lana fi Rajaba wa Sha’bana wa balligh-na Ramadan


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