15 before 2015

by - October 29, 2014

I think I have lost it. The passion to blog. No really, I mean it. I’ve been feeling it for a year now. Starting new series like 'Currently with a twist' and 'Let's Get Crafty' were my poor attempts at reinventing and restarting with new vigour. It worked, for a short while. And then the tiny candle of passion died. Poof!

It’s difficult to set your mind on anything if you aren’t passionate about it. I love writing. I love reading other blogs as well. But there is the never ending tunnel of self doubt. Who reads my blog? Come on, who has the time for blogs now. Instagram is killing blogs, so it seems.

Now that both my children are at school, I thought I would be reading, crafting and photographing like no one’s business. Ding ding ding. Nothing is happening. No mojo whatsoever. So, after listening to way too many podcasts than required and being really inspired by Elise Blaha’s speech at World Domination Summit, I decided to just start. I know I’am good at starting, so I am going to start and hopefully finish this list of 15 projects by December 31, 2014, Insha Allah. I've two months. 

I am calling the list ‘15 before 2015’. Basically, these are 15 things that I've been wanting to do for a while. I would keep putting off away thinking I will work on them when Aisha starts school and I've few hours to myself. No more procrastinating. 

15 before 2015
1. Photograph sunrise or sunset at Jumeirah beach
2. Go on a breakfast date with J at Tom and Serg
3. Photograph raw ingredients
4. Shoot a process video
5. Sew a simple pillowcase dress
6. Craft something using my Silhouette Cameo
7. Get all my vacation photos printed and make a photobook of our photoshoot pictures
8. Decoupage something. Anything! 
9. Organize all my digital photos and upload them on Picasa/Dropbox

10. Finish my reading goal of 24 books in 2014
11. Finish watching videos of Hello Story and make couple of scrapbook pages OR document 'Day in the Life' or 'Week in the Life'
12. Make a mini album on Summer 2014
13. Teach a craft workshop
14. Share the story of Pretty Paper Studio
15. Super Secret - This is a project that I really REALLY want to start, but I just don't feel ready to share the details yet. A super secret project for now. 

Insha Allah, I will be elaborating and blogging about each of these projects whether I finish them or not. 

How about you, do you have any goals or resolutions that are waiting to be finished? 

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  1. Neelu I love to read your blog posts even though I dont always comment...your writing is always refreshing and I love the glimpses you share about all the little things in your life.Even though I am not a Muslim I even enjoyed reading your Ramadan Journal. Keeping blogging girl...there are lots of people like me who do read your blog!!
    Dr Sonia
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