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by - November 02, 2014

I've chosen to start with one of the easiest things to do from my 15 Before 2015 list - get all vacation photos printed. I am still on my first album and have quite a few to go through before I can strike that off the list. I'am also trying to figure out a way to get them printed as the studio right next to our apartment has shut down. 

I love going through archives, trying to remember the story behind each photo. Sometimes they are easy and brings a quick smile or giggle. Sometimes, you just stare and try. Like this photo above, I absolutely love it! But I am unable to remember why I captured the 'Foto Ottica' which is basically a photography studio. Maybe I was excited to finally pull out our new DSLR (this was our first trip with a digital camera), or maybe I was trying to tell myself that photography studios were still around in Europe, or maybe I was trying to be artistic. Okay, I am going with the third one just to give myself an ego boost. 

Then comes the above photo I took from Vatican Museum. Another one I don't remember much about except that I really like it. 

The next one, I remember. The spiral stairs,  at Vatican Museum. I can still feel my excitement about finally seeing it in person. Simple joys. 

Moral of the story? Print your photos and write notes as soon as you are back from the trip, not some four years later. 

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  1. Wow - that staircase photo is GORGEOUS!

  2. Oh yes Neelu I can relate completely.It happens to our family all the time especially since we have a habit of going for short holidays every 4 months or so and sometimes forget the memory cant even remember the place!!
    Dr Sonia
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    1. Guess both of us should start to keep a travel journal. ;)


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