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by - November 16, 2014

The past few weekends have been a blur. Hectic and tiring, yet extremely fulfilling. Last night, I spend a good hour with Talha and Aisha in bed trying to put them and myself to sleep. Instead, we ended up watching some hilarious animations, talking to each other, laughing and making really weird noises. As I said earlier, extremely fulfilling. 

In sha Allah, within a week or ten days, new stock will arrive at Pretty Paper Studio and the days later would be once again a mad flurry of activities. I enjoy those days and I feel blessed to see my customers happy. That said, new stock arrival means I will be in the studio pretty much every day all day for two to three weeks after and I will end up with fewer hours to work on my #15before2015 list. 

The next few days, I plan to work furiously to strike off as many items as possible from the list. And guess what? I’ve struck one off and couple of others are on the verge of finishing! Hooray! 

Last Sunday, before going to bed, I asked J whether we could go have breakfast from Tom and Serg. I was telling him where it was and we got distracted by something else. Then the next day, J calls me from work and asks, 'let’s go to that place you mentioned last night?' Don’t you love it when your husband does that? 

We had just couple of hours before Aisha would be home from school. I was worried whether we would be late, but then a quick look at the calendar reminded me that I had to get this done soon. Within thirty minutes, we were driving down to Tom and Serg. 

So what is the deal with Tom and Serg you wonder. It’s an Australian (Melbourne to be precise) café opened by two friends Tom and Serg. Their coffee can be easily called the best in Dubai. The only thing I craved for while doing Whole30 last month was their latte. I suggest you read this review by Sarah Walton and this one by Tala Soubra.


I’ve been to Tom and Serg twice, both with my good friend Samantha. Aisha had also accompanied us once. Since then I’ve been wanting to visit the place with J. We enjoy food, we enjoy talking about the restaurants we visit and rating them. We were also badly in need of some time together – just us. Hence the date. 

By the time we reached there, it was almost noon, so we ended up having early lunch rather than breakfast. And yes, that pavlova was destroyed! 

15 before 2015
1. Photograph sunrise or sunset at Jumeirah beach
2. Go on a breakfast date with J at Tom and Serg
3. Photograph raw ingredients
4. Shoot a process video
5. Sew a simple pillowcase dress
6. Craft something using my Silhouette Cameo
7. Get all my vacation photos printed and make a photobook of our photoshoot pictures
8. Decoupage something. Anything! 
9. Organize all my digital photos and upload them on Picasa/Dropbox
10. Finish my reading goal of 24 books in 2014
11. Finish watching videos of Hello Story and make couple of scrapbook pages OR document 'Day in the Life' or 'Week in the Life'
12. Make a mini album on Summer 2014
13. Teach a craft workshop
14. Share the story of Pretty Paper Studio
15. Super Secret - This is a project that I really REALLY want to start, but I just don't feel ready to share the details yet. A super secret project for now.

I think I should make an album called #15before2015. Let’s keep that for 2015, shall we?

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