Week In The Life | Day 1 | #15before2015

by - November 06, 2014

I want to say this out loud - I LOVE this project called Week in the Life. I am thankful for bloggers like Ali who comes up with creative ideas like these to document our lives. I love how photos and words can create magic! 

I am on the fourth day now and have been enjoying photographing, writing notes and journaling. Here are few photos from the first day and excerpts from my journal:

There was an old building in front our apartment, 30 plus years old, which looked haunted after being left unused. In the past few weeks bulldozers have been busy demolishing it. The noise and dust made me feel miserable. But boy, was I happy to see the empty space. So much light and sunshine in our living room now.  

Aisha and I sang 'Adee'i Adee'i' (Arabic version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) a few times before she fell asleep. I don't know who is more excited to learn a nursrey rhyme in a new language, me or her. 

It was fun shopping alone. The sizes were a bit confusing since I didn’t have Aisha with me. I absolutely loved the blue overalls from Debenhams and the late birthday present I got for my sister. 

Are you working on any project at the moment? Is documenting a part of your life? Do tell me more. 

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  1. Awesome photography and yes it must have been so much fun to learn a song in arabic. In my childhood..I briefly took Arabic classes and loved the language Especially the writing from the other side!

    1. Yes, writing from the other side does make Arabic and Urdu really cool! Thank you Dr Sonia.

  2. Thanks for letting us peek into a week in your life...gorgeous photos!

  3. Great post Neelu! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into your week 😀😃


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